4 Ways How The Right Reports Change The Sales & Marketing Game

CRM   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

Companies these days are more Sales & Marketing oriented than ever before. There are Marketing Managers, CRM Managers and Project Heads crunching numbers and dissecting performances. Reports are a must for these individuals, responsible for using analytics to drive business results in a sales organisation.


Following are the 4 big ways in which Sell.Do is changing the game with accurate Sales & Marketing reports-

  1. Setting the right KPIs:

    One of the more immediate benefits of Sell.Do's Reports is that they help you decode the customer trends and tweak performance benchmarks accordingly. When you set the right KPIs and targets, you make your Sales and Marketing teams more efficient and effective. Why is that the case? Because you make them think. When they think, they prioritise and perform better, thereby, providing you with necessary course-corrections to your strategies, eventually improving customer experience and satisfaction.

  2. Improved Marketing collaboration:

    When you are running marketing campaigns, internally or through an agency, feedback is important to set the right marketing strategies. This should work objectively and fairly for all parties involved so that leakages can be controlled and performances can be celebrated. It doesn't matter if you are targeting new customers, targeting or planning on entering new markets, Sell.Do a real estate CRM software can help you provide a common platform to set goals and targets and then transparently assess the achievements of these goals.

  3. Planning Future strategies:

    As a member of the Senior Management of a company, you may be responsible for planning future projects and budgeting for newer opportunities. Sell.Do reports can help you interpret current and historical trends. This, in turn, helps managers to predict upcoming trends, so they can calibrate their marketing, sales and finances to tackle a potential boom or recession.

  4. Mobile reports:

    These days, everything has gone mobile, right from your communication with potential clients to your social network. Sell.Do helps you stay ahead of the curve by sending you reports directly to your inbox. This enables you to take a detailed view of the performances, on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis. You can analyse your key sales metrics, lead generation activities, pipeline and trends, and yes, your sales team performances too.

Sell.Do has a wealth of Big Data powered reports and Business Intelligence analytics that help you continuously track and understand your sales pipeline, team performance and customer behaviour. To learn more about how you can make the most of our Reporting prowess, feel free to get in touch with us.

Credits: Ankeet Shah

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