3 Rules To Run The Best Drip Marketing Campaigns

Marketing   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

In the past few years, Marketing has become a lot more critical than it used to be. From building a branding-oriented narrative to making positive reinforcements to clients, companies have filled the tank to full capacity as they try to establish themselves in ultra competitive glocal markets.

To ensure a better impact and pointed outcomes to their activities, Drip Marketing is being used more and more by brands across India today. So what makes it so distinct from other means of communication?


In Real Estate, Drip Marketing is one of the most promising means to Target Campaigns, Design audience-based customized communication, Real-time monitoring of effectiveness and Optimum Utilization of all resources at owns behest.

I’ve regularly observed how Drip Marketing has proven to help Real Estate companies-

  • Differentiate Products and services from their competitors.
  • Run successful Promotion campaigns on the entire list of Prospects.
  • Easily inform mass audiences about recent updates.

So what is this Drip Marketing and how does it work best?

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages are scheduled, on the basis of scenarios like-

  • Client is interested.
  • Client is contemplating his buying decision.
  • Client has decided to not go ahead with his purchase.

And so on...

Lets start with the first one first-  

  1. Client is interested

    This stage means that the client is happy with the information provided to him so far and is a few nudges away from actively considering the purchase. So the ideal communication via Drip Marketing would be on the following lines-

    • Detailed Project brochures, with elevation, on-site photos and other details.
    • Success Stories of the current project bookings.
    • Special Offers for discounts on bookings.

     With the help of a Sales & Automation platform, these Drip Campaigns can be setup and executed much more effectively, most definitely hastening the sales process and leading the client to the 2nd Scenario.

  2. Client is contemplating his buying decision

    The desired stage of interest for any salesperson. Here, the Salesperson needs to simply make the right push, to get the cheque and close the booking. In order to aim him effectively in doing the same, the Drip Campaign can be run with the following communication-

    • Project Information with brochures.
    • Price Sheets.
    • Request for scheduling Site Visits for the client and any other key decision-makers.

    Emails of the kind mentioned above can hasten the Sales closure cycle, eventually leading to lower client turn-around-times and quicker processing of the eventual booking request.

  3. Client has decided to not go ahead with his purchase

    It is not the end of the world when the efforts of your sales team to close the deal goes sideways. With the help of the following campaigns, you can still manage to reengage the client-

    • Video Walkthrough of the Project.
    • A comparison chart differentiating your project and those of your competitors.
    • Schedule a virtual or physical demo with the client, followed by Q&A.

These Re-engagement Drip Campaigns may actually hold the key to winning back your customer’s interest and maybe convert the cold leads to warm leads, reactivating the Sales cycle from Scenario 1.

Drip Marketing Campaigns are extremely beneficial to companies. Campaigns can be tailored and customized to a specific targeted set of clients. Or you may even make generic campaigns based on your needs.

Won’t it be amazing for you to have a situation where timely nurturing and effective automation, which leads to improved ROI and Closure?

Drop us a line if you need help!

Credits: Ankeet Shah

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