Leads In Prospect! What Next?

Sales   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

Implementing an effective strategy is the sole way to lay hold of lead nurturing. One must develop a fitting relationship with the customer at every stage so as to turn the prospects into potential buyers. But how many of these leads eventually become sales? According to research, almost 75% of leads never become sales. The reason for this being, relevant information is not catered to the customers at each and every stage of the customer’s journey. Thus, nurturing of lead becomes an essential part of your business. But this, in return, consumes time. A lot of time!

Let the customer thrive

When there is new customer, all you know about him is his profiling details and the referral through which he seeked attention towards your business. Only his generic information confirming the source, sub-source and his details are initially tracked. But what you are unaware of is his needs and the sort of property that he might be interested in.


Taking this into consideration, the solutions that you provide to the customer’s queries should make him comprehend that yours is the best choice, whatever it might be. Thus, every customer should be inclined towards individual attention so as to nurture them at each phase of the pipeline.

Following are the effective ways in order to nurture/cater your leads in the best ways possible:

  1. Defining a fitting lead management process

    The customers should be kept interested in your project throughout their journey in the pipeline cycle. Same being the case with movies/tv-shows - You enjoy the content which is built in a way to relate in each and every aspect and which has a legitimate storyline. Likewise, providing right content at the right time is very essential.

  2. Tracking lead behaviour

    Just because the customer has enquired doesn’t mean that he/she is interested. Also, the customers that aren’t interested shouldn’t be completely overlooked. If only there were Newton’s law for marketing, it would read, “Every customer remains uninterested unless an external sales person follows-up on the lead at the right time.”

  3. Prompt follow-ups

    According to research, only 40% of companies respond to their leads in the first hour. This, in return, has a tremendous impact on the conversion rate of customer into prospects. However, in Sell.Do, you have an option to directly schedule a follow-up on the lead and a notification is sent to the lead as well as the sales person. Considering this, timely follow-ups are taken care of.

  4. Re-marketing

    Engaging your customers into communication doesn’t mean sending them emails/SMS one after the other. You need to have a two way communication in order to get to know your customer as well as his needs. With real estate CRM Sell.Do, you can send bulk emails/SMS to the customers in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can also schedule both of these activities in case you want to send them at specific date/time. You also get a detailed report of the sent emails which comprises of unique open count and unique click count.

  5. Putting it in a nutshell

    The process may sound lengthy and will take time but the rewarding outcome is worth it all. Indulge into this process in order to build a relationship with the customer so as to get the conversion rates on your side. Thus, once you have turned towards the complete process of lead nurturing, there’s no looking back.

Help us in order to make you indulge into Sell.Do and make this process smoother.

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