Best Marketing Automation Tools For Small Business

Marketing   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

The popularity of real estate CRM in the fabric of the industry is most visible in the spread of automation. This report found that 75% of marketers admitted using at least one type of marketing automation software.

Such facts and figures are pretty understandable if you look at the monotony of specific tasks involved in real estate daily life. Take emails, for example - communicating with the customers via email manually requires drafting and personalizing each mail, which is painstakingly tedious and is subject to human errors. The human resources wasted in drafting templated emails can be put to better use in strategizing for profits.


It is here that small business marketing automation software truly shines. A good real estate CRM software consists of automation features that completely offload such clerical tasks at a company. The human resources are thus freed up for the more productive tasks that require human involvement.

In this blog, you will learn about the best automation tools in marketing available to small businesses via a good CRM.

Best Marketing Automation Tools

Before the blog delves into the details of the tools, you should know that before deploying automation at your company, you must first understand how it works. Doing this helps you know where automation is needed most. It also enables you to pick the right software to automate the processes of your business.

In no particular order, here is a list of some of the best CRM marketing automation software for small businesses.

  1. Olark

    Olark is a marketing automation tool that focuses on improving the Live Chat experience of customers. In today's fast-paced world, the last thing a customer wants is to wait on the call line for a customer-care executive to appear. Olark helps businesses eliminate this waiting time by introducing Live Chats that have preset automated responses.

  2. Zendesk

    This software is loved for its ability to unify omnichannel data on all its consumers onto one screen. Omnichannel marketing is in the spotlight today, wherein businesses have various touchpoints over different channels with the same customer. This practice creates data that can be scattered and jumbled up if not automatically sorted at source and categorized. This is exactly what Zendesk does.

  3. Hubspot Service Hub

    One of the critical factors that influence a customer's relationship with your property business is the promptness and accuracy with which their problems are resolved. Hubspot's automation tools connect customers to the right reps based on the nature of their queries, reducing the waiting time they experience. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, but it also improves brand image.

  4. Zoho Desk

    Zoho Desk provides contextually accurate troubleshooting to its consumers. This is a great feature to have because, more often than not, customers do not like to repeat themselves to the customer-care executives again and again.

  5. HelpJuice

    While customers do look to speak with a human to resolve their issues, there is quite a huge chunk of them who would rather search for the solution themselves. HelpJuice is targeted towards these consumers by being an extensive knowledge database where consumers can search for answers themselves.

The automation tools listed above are very popular; however, they do not offer exclusivity to the real estate industry.

On the other hand, Sell.Do is a real estate CRM with powerful marketing automation features specifically designed for this industry, making it the best on the list relevance-wise.


Here are a few amazing features of Sell.Do that make it the best marketing automation software for small businesses in the real estate industry.

Marketing Automation With Sell.Do

Marketing is all about knowing as much as you can about your audience and what they want. Automation of marketing should target these concerns and produce understandable data that can be used to strategize for a boost in sales. Sell.Do offers end-to-end marketing automation solutions that include:

  1. Segmentation

    Marketing is more personalized and impactful if all your leads are categorized and neatly sorted based on certain specified attributes It becomes easier to deal with such huge volumes of lead data this way. Sell.Do not only keeps this data segmented but also does this automatically.

  2. Lead Capture and Nurturing

    In addition to capturing leads through customized contact forms, Sell.Do lets you nurture your leads with targeted, contextual information through automated email marketing campaigns, social media, and much more.

    Automating this part of a sales process helps you convert a potential customer into a loyal patron. After all, every lead in the real estate business is important since this is such a high-consideration niche.

  3. Social Media

    The most important platforms where most of the marketing efforts are targeted are the social media channels. Automating this part of the sales process ensures that your campaigns are launched on time. It also ensures that leads generated from each of these campaigns remain separate.

  4. Property Portal Integration

    Automation of property portals helps collect data on consumers regarding the kind of properties being viewed by them.

    You do not need to worry about data when it is automated with Sell.Do, enabling you to better craft your marketing campaigns around your most popular assets.


Sell.Do is a powerful automation tool that can potentially change the way your business works. Dedicated to the property niche, this real estate CRM is the ideal choice for all automation-related purposes.

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