5 Best Real Estate CRM Software For Nurturing Leads

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Every customer is a potential customer, and they can stumble across you through various platforms like social media, word of mouth publicity, referrals, blogs, newspaper ads, etc. As a Real Estate agent, it is your job to follow up with real estate leads diligently until they are finally ready to buy from you. You can use Real Estate CRM software for real estate lead generation. If you are doing it mechanically, the lead management process can be broken down into the following parts:

  • Generating the interest of the customer and creating a lead
  • Filtering your leads
  • Dividing leads to the sales team
  • Nurturing leads until they become real customers

Following all of these steps carefully can provide your Real Estate business with useful data on your leads whereas boosting sales and productivity. Consistently keeping in touch with your potential customers and nurturing your leads will place you at the top of their minds. This will also allow you to build a trustworthy relationship with your clients and let you stay ahead of other competitors in the market.

Managing the sales funnel in a Real Estate company is a demanding job. Without using proper lead management tools, the chances of brokers classifying and scoring leads is high. These confusions may seem small, but they can cost you your relationship with the client and their trust in you. Lead management software automatically responds and maintains contact with the potential customer and assigns them to suitable sales representatives, eliminating the chances of human error. Brokers also often work with various developers for lead tracking and to determine a lead’s position in the sales pipeline. However, working with more than one developer creates a lot of chaos, again costing you your customers.

Real Estate CRM software can be a beneficial investment and can promise you great returns in the future. Some reliable CRM lead management tools you can use are mentioned below.

  1. Sell.Do

    Sell.Do is an end-to-end Real Estate sales platform that offers excellent advanced lead management software for the Real Estate sector.. Sell.Do saves you from the hassle of investing yourself in time-consuming and energy-draining tasks of pre-sales, sales, and post-sales management. Its profound industry knowledge and technological expertise allow automatic capturing of leads from multiple sources like digital campaigns, live chats, social media, website landing pages, etc.

    The broker module of Sell.Do has taken real estate brokering to the next level with its advanced technological features like integrating with property portals, prevention of lead leakage and information duplication, prioritizing leads, updating inventory, real-time inventory tracking, and so on. These unique features make Sell.Do emerge as one of the most effective end-to-end customizable Real Estate CRM tools for lead management.

  2. Hubspot

    HubSpot is an all-in-one real estate broker CRM designed to grow your business and make a Real Estate agent's job easy every step of the way. Its top features like pre-made email templates, contact management, meeting scheduling, etc. will help you grow faster and sell better.
    It also allows you to create a personalized appointment scheduler taking into consideration the needs and requirements of your customers. Additionally, it is very affordable, and its quick customer service will never be leaving you hanging if you face any technical difficulty.

  3. Contactually

    The inbuilt AI software in Contactually will help you optimize your workflow by its various automated processes and comprehensive features. You can also create personalized campaigns with Contactually which will help you keep in contact with your customers regularly and cater to their needs. You can also sync it with google workspace and office 365 which will save you from the hassle of transferring your documents and contacts.

  4. Britix24

    Britix24 offers innovative multimedia features with a free CRM interface. Live video chats allow realtors to communicate directly with prospective clients and keep them in the loop through live chats, media messengers, call-back forms, etc. It also offers effective pipeline management tools which allow full project visibility making sure you do not miss any deadlines. Another great highlight is its capability to track your marketing expenditures and calculate all your investments and returns.

  5. Wise Agent

    Transaction management, advanced automation, time managing tools, email scheduling, client interaction are some top features of this powerful all-in-one CRM Real Estate software. It also allows you to create an optimized landing page for your website according to the demands of your prospective clients. On the landing page, you can easily manage your listings through which you can create automated campaigns. It makes lead generation for Real Estate agents extremely easy and effective.

In Summary

If you are still confused about whether it would be wise to invest in Real Estate CRM software, you can request a demo and check for yourself. Sell.Do, for instance, is one such lead management platform that will automate all your Real Estate company tasks with its deep industry knowledge and technological expertise. The platform has been designed exclusively keeping in mind all the steps of lead nurturing like pre-sales, sales, and post-sales processes, and is sure to help you manage your leads efficiently and accurately.

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