How Can Brokers Get More Digital Leads This Festive Season?

CRM   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

The festive season comes with its own set of challenges for realtors. The realtors The big hope is that house owners get swayed by the festive spirit and consider putting their houses on the market. And that the buyers would be willing to go that extra mile to buy their dream home. As a Real Estate agent, this is the best time to get more leads and increase the number of sales you do.

As most buyers are actively looking for properties online, you might miss out on valuable leads if you stick to conventional methods. But if you limit your campaign and marketing to offline markets like most Real Estate agents, you might face a challenge. For a Real Estate Broker to succeed in the present market, it is important to move the business online and explore newer avenues of marketing their properties to a global audience. In this blog, we discuss in detail the various strategies you could adopt to become a successful Real Estate agent this festive season.

  1. List Properties Online

    Online marketing success is possible only when you tap into all the online resources available and explore their full potential. A person sitting in the US could be looking for a holiday home in India. You could miss out on this lead if you do not market your properties online. So, make sure you list them on all leading property portals, ad sites, and forums.

  2. Lead Management

    Real Estate is a niche business space with problems and challenges that are unlike any other industry. This means your lead tracking and marketing software should be unique too. When you invest in Real Estate CRM software, you can seamlessly track, manage, and close leads. In the past, many Real Estate agents would use a simple spreadsheet to track leads and deals. However, this is a mistake. Today, when leads and deals are easier to acquire than ever before, there is no excuse not to invest in a reliable, competent Real Estate CRM solution.

  3. Marketing

    The world is moving towards personalization, and your customers expect the same from you too. It is important to ensure that your Real Estate clients and prospects see ads, communication, and marketing material that match their interests. You can do this by compiling the customer preferences and running a personalized campaign. That way, you would not send details of a property in Delhi to someone looking for a beach house in Goa.

  4. SMS and WhatsApp

    Recent research finds that India would have over 1.5 billion mobile phone users by 2040. If you wish to drive your Real Estate business to success, this is a space that you need to explore. Reach out to your customers with personalized deals, property information, and follow-up communication through SMS and Whatsapp. Your customers are more likely to respond to these forms of communication than they would to a cold call.

  5. Lead Tracking

    Convincing prospective leads to book a site visit is a crucial step in Real Estate sales. Sadly, most Real Estate brokers miss out on tracking their leads and lose their clients. As they do not have a system in place to track the lead progress, preferences, site visits, etc., they miss out on leads. Make sure you have a system to track the customer journey and convert it into a site visit and eventually a sale.

  6. Analytics

    The world is run by data, and any successful business needs backing data to make informed decisions. Ensure your organization has the systems to efficiently track customer behavior, patterns, and other crucial elements. This will help you have a better marketing plan and shape the course of your business. Well-researched analytics help you make informed decisions. A unified dashboard that provides your sales and marketing team with insightful customer data will simplify their work and reduce the scope for human error.

  7. Cloud Calling

    To follow and close leads, Real Estate brokers often need to build a rapport through telephonic conversations. Thus, you need to ensure that you call your leads to convert them and take them to the next phase in the sales funnel. Having a cloud-based calling service ensures that your salespersons can contact the leads from anywhere while you monitor the call for quality and training purposes. You can understand what works and what does not and train your salespersons to converse with the leads accordingly, thus increasing your lead closing time.



Following these strategies will ensure that Real Estate brokers get more digital leads this festival season. However, remember that it could be a tedious process to implement all this alone. It might tie up your team in repetitive, mundane tasks and prove out to be a time-consuming effort.

You can instead simplify the process by investing in an integrated, end-to-end CRM solution like Sell.Do, which was designed and developed for Real Estate.

Developed by industry experts, Sell.Do understands the challenges faced by Real Estate personnel and ensures that its features cover a wide range of solutions. The platform is cost-effective, easy to set up, and requires easily administrable training, making it the ideal solution to boost your sales leads.

The recently launched module from Sell.Do takes real estate brokering to the next level with its advanced technological features. These include integrating the module with property portals, prevention of lead leakage and information duplication, prioritizing leads, updating inventory, real-time inventory tracking, and so on. These unique features make Sell.Do emerge as one of the most effective end-to-end customizable Real Estate CRM tools for sealing maximum digital leads this festive season.

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