Real Estate CRM Software - Selecting The Right Fit For Your Business

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Every business has its unique requirements from a CRM software - and the same holds true for every individual company in the Real Estate sector as well. The difference in workflows, existing software, team capabilities, automation requirement, existing infrastructure and other factors make it a difficult job to select a CRM software that is the most suitable for the company.

In addition, popular CRM software brands seem to have the same tools, the same level of functionality as any other name, which further increases confusion about which tool to ultimately opt for.

In this scenario, it becomes necessary to carry out a needs-based assessment at your company in order to list out the augmentations that you require to streamline your CRM activities. This exercise produces a comprehensive list of features that your firm needs without compromise. This list helps you get a clearer picture of what you need your CRM software to be able to handle - thus enabling you to pick the right one.

This blog attempts to comparatively highlight the three most popular CRM software in the Real Estate industry, to help you get an overview of the features and limitations of each one.

CRM Software Features List Comparison

While all the good CRM boasts high utility functionalities, only a few are able to deliver on that promise. This list of features compares three highly popular and competitive CRM software in the market - Sell.Do, Zoho and Salesforce - based on the most important parameters a CRM must have.

  1. Custom Fields

    Fields are data titles or attributes that label the kind of information that a CRM displays on its dashboard.

    Sell.Do enables its users to enter custom fields for data collection, without any additional cost or hidden fees; Salesforce also provides custom fields to its users. However, Zoho has the option of custom fields only in its higher-value plans.

  2. Full Call-Center Software

    Call centres are the consumer care lifelines of any Real Estate business. From pre-sales calling to grievance redressal, from consumer queries to follow-ups - a lot happens on the call-centre dashboards of a company.

    Sell.Do comes equipped with the full set of call-centre tools and set-up that any Real Estate business could possibly need. Zoho also sports this functionality. On the other hand, Salesforce only provides call-centre tools by means of third-party integrations.

  3. WhatsApp

    The modern way of doing business is to reach consumers on a channel that is always online - such as WhatsApp. It helps a company deliver services and information promptly to their customers.

    Sell.Do provides companies with the inbuilt convenience of fully integrated WhatsApp support for business. Zoho and Salesforce only provide this integration as a third-party integrable, which isn't very convenient.

  4. Instant Automatic Callback

    One way to never lose a lead is being prompt in setting up a customer care executive to answer their queries. One way to do that is by arranging an instant call back feature, in which automated responses assure the client to wait for a callback if all the executives are busy on other lines.

    Sell.Do is the only one among the three that offers this feature. Zoho and Salesforce do not have the Instant AutoConnect functionality.

  5. Inventory Management

    The Real Estate business has scattered operations spread across the digital space, which is why it is important to have a synchronised database that reflects the right quantities in the inventory.


    Sell.Do offers to manage a business's projects, towers, all units and configurations automatically with its inventory management tool. Zoho and Salesforce, on the other hand, provide this functionality only through third-party integrations.

  6. Booking, Discounts and Schemes Online

    A set-up of reliable e-commerce capability on a business's property portals ensures that sales go through smoothly.

    Sell.Do is the only software of the three competitors that have the capability to provide online bookings, discounts and scheme integrations to the customers online. Zoho and Salesforce do not support this functionality.

  7. Online User Interface for Customers

    Conducting business online becomes easier when a CRM supports the creation and management of customer profiles on a company's portals.

    Sell.Do provides companies with the flexibility to let customers create their online profiles and access them using their IDs and passwords, save their browsing history and purchase history, etc. Salesforce and Zoho do not support this feature.

  8. Automated Advertisement Performance Tracking on Facebook

    Facebook is the leading social media platform on the globe right now, and being able to track ad performance here can help a company strategise its campaigns better.

    Sell.Do comes with inbuilt calculation algorithms for Cost Per Lead that enable a firm to effectively monitor its social media advertising budgets. This information is neatly presented on a unified dashboard. In Zoho, this service can be availed through third-party integration only. Salesforce, on the other hand, has an exclusive product called Pardot for the purpose of tracking ad campaign performances, which it offers to integrate with its CRM at added cost.

  9. Data Security Standards

    The data that a CRM gleans from the internet through user behaviour needs to be protected from cybersecurity risks. The ISO 27001 certification is an international standard that has guidelines on information security for a firm.

    Sell.Do has assured compliance with the ISO 27001 standards, and so does Salesforce. However, Zoho does not follow this standard.

All the features listed above aid the operations of a Real Estate business with the sole objective of streamlining the process and generating analytics that are easily understandable. With the features and functionalities that Sell.Do supports, it comes out as the best Real Estate CRM software on the list.

Below are some of Sell.Do's high-utility features that take it to the top of the preference list.

Sell.Do - India's Leading Real Estate CRM Software

While other CRM software provide generalised tools that work for all industries, Sell.Do has been developed ground-up exclusively for use in the Real Estate sector, making it highly suitable for customised implementations and completely integrable with existing workflows. Its end-to-end CRM solutions and customisable tools make it the preferred choice of companies in the Real Estate industry.


Be it lead generation or capturing, reporting, inventory management or portal integrations, unification of databases or team collaboration - Sell.Do's features revolve around the specific requirements of the property business niche and provide solutions that actually work. This makes Sell.Do the leading real estate CRM software in India.


Just because a software has the "CRM" tag on it doesn't make it the best fit for your organisation. Real Estate businesses have a lot of processes that differ from other sectors and it is important to implement a software that understands this. Sell.Do is a solution developed exclusively for property businesses, making it the best option available for a property business. Use this handy CRM feature comparison to select the best CRM fit for implementation in your company.

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