4 Outstanding Real Estate Softwares For Agents and Brokers

CRM   |   16 December 2021

4 Outstanding Real Estate Softwares For Agents and Brokers

The impact of digitisation has significantly impacted our lives lately. Furthermore, the Real Estate business has been incredibly changed by innovation. With access to the online market and listings, consumers have become more tech-savvy, cautious and know what exactly they want. This means that Real Estate developers and Brokers ought to be on the go while catering to the needs of clients. That’s why the use of a Real Estate CRM has totally changed the game for both customers and the Real Estate Industry and ensures a quality buying and selling experience.

What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

A Real Estate CRM software is a comprehensive package of digital tools which helps realtors to generate, handle and nurture leads, maintain and update property listings, design marketing campaigns and ensure quality customer service. A good Real Estate CRM also allows Real Estate agencies to keep track of their inventory, sales opportunities, events and so on.

Overall, it is a beneficial deal for businesses because it helps them to know the requirements of their clients better, therefore providing better service. This not only increases the customer retention percentage but also is a feather in the firm’s cap and only elevates them in the competitive market. The best part about using CRM software is that it can be accessed from any location since the database is uploaded to the cloud. Since every record is digitalised, no more time is wasted in looking for old data and ancient files

Customer service is one of the most significant features of a top CRM software. By using such features, Real Estate agents are able to get back to the clients quickly without forgetting to give a callback or reply to an important email which is quite risky for the business. It also adds a personal touch by drafting customised emails, reminders, and notifications about offers for clients.

The best CRM software also makes sure that Real Estate agents are in touch with the ongoing trends of the industry and do not miss out on the buzz. This is a one-stop shop for information about the leads as well. Analysing their behavioural patterns of browsing your website and the time they spend on it gives you a fair idea of whether they are really looking to invest or not. This is an indicator of their position in the sales funnel and will tell you how much effort you should put in a lead before they give you business.

The advantages of CRM software are many, but the real task is picking from the lot available in the market. Opting for the best Real Estate CRM can be a lengthy decision and should be made wisely. One must do full-fledged research on the best options available by focusing on which vendor provides the maximum number of features at a feasible price, which one has the best reputation and elite customers or which CRM software best fits your products and services. Only after a lot of consideration should you make the choice of the CRM software which suits you appropriately.

So, let’s look at a few options of some of the best Real Estate CRM softwares in the market.

  • Sell.Do


    Sell.Do is a leading CRM that enables developers to create a sales funnel that factors in every detail about real estate customer engagement. Sell.Do works based on the latest automation tech-stack, allowing developers to create the best possible personalized selling experience.

    Being India’s only dedicated CRM for real estate (built from the ground up, especially for Real Estate workflows), it allows developers to digitize the entire sales funnel by offering advanced automation features for pre-sales activities, sales and post-sales operations. Some of the flagship features of Sell.Do are:

    • Cloud telephony: Enables an integrated call centre with automated call routing.
    • Marketing automation: Enables data analytics with easy integration with popular ad platforms.
    • Lead management: Enables automated lead scoring, lead segregation and nurturing.
    • Pre-sales management: Enables streamlining of everything from lead capturing to email follow-ups
    • Post sales management: Enables digitization of critical processes document collection, KYC, loan processing and more.
    • Online booking platform: Enables an interactive home-booking experience for buyers to choose their choice of apartment/unit.
    • Broker module: A dedicated module for real estate brokers with specialized features like domain management, mobile CRM and more.

    The best part about Sell.Do, is that it offers specialized modules for developers and brokers, helping each propel faster towards better real estate sales in their own ways.

  • Nimble


    Nimble is one of the top CRM softwares for realtors in the industry right now. Its most noteworthy feature is that it creates auto-enriched contact profiles which are purely based on data collected from the web. It can quickly scan the client’s Sales funnel status, Social signals, Meetings/Appointments, Sales management and organise more such day to day tasks by creating a dashboard that can be organised on the basis of the task's priority. This tool allows efficient management of the business and is suitable for independent realtors as well.

  • Contactually


    Contactually Compass is one of the top recommendations for the CRM software. It is capable of managing clients of small, medium or large scale Real Estate firms. It can segregate contacts by type of leads, preferences, housing requirements and so on. This provides a customised approach to all your different types of clients and fulfils their individual choices. It also gives the option to personalise communication made to hot leads or prospects, automate mundane tasks and monitor the productivity of a team.

  • Propertybase


    Propertybase provides a diverse set of CRM solutions suitable for brokers and Real Estate companies. Some of their features include automated and personalised follow-ups, track listings, workflow automation, building a website of the business, managing hot leads and marketing services as well. This enables a centralised database for all your connections and will route new leads to a suitable team member based on predefined algorithms.

What Makes Sell.Do Stand Out From Other CRMs?

Sell.Do is one of India’s top CRM software providers, which gives an integrated solution specifically designed for Real Estate developers and agents. Unlike other CRM providers, Sell.Do offers a wide range of automation modules for both Real Estate developers and agents and also works towards building strong client relationships.


With its Workflow Automation features, it greatly reduces the chances of human errors, saves man-hours, and makes tracking of work in progress easy on a daily basis. The Marketing Automation feature allows the capturing and nurturing of leads, surveying and market attribution. It offers an omnichannel lead scoring system through email, WhatsApp, SMS engagement. Sell.Do handles both pre-sales and post-sales procedures well by fulfilling the necessities of the clients and the firm.



You can only pick the most suitable CRM software after rigorous research among the top competitors. Before making a choice, one must keep in mind the multifaceted advantages and integration solutions that software provides for the benefit of the business. Having expertise in Real Estate CRM, Sell.Do acknowledges the demands of the company by covering all their possible needs and areas of requirement. With their proficiency in Real Estate CRM, you are bound to flourish in a neck-to-neck competition.

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