CRM Features That Real Estate Developers Need To Consider

CRM   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

The Real Estate industry has been among the most competitive ones for a while now. Real Estate Developers with a vision to grow their business need to constantly upgrade their business to deliver the most satisfactory possible service to their clientele and stay ahead of the game.

Therefore, it has become crucial to adopt business automation in today's customer-centric world. Most of the leading Real estate Developers have welcomed new technology in response to an increasingly well-informed customer base and the growing ubiquity of globalization. This is where Real Estate CRM software steps in with a plethora of features that automate almost everything from lead capturing to conversion. Therefore, the need of the hour for realtors is to harness the features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to enable business growth.

The Top 3 Features of CRM Software That Need To Be Leveraged By Real Estate Developers

Here are some imperative features that realtors must utilize to the fullest to streamline their business processes, boost their operational efficiencies, and thus maintain an edge over their competition:

  1. Sales Process Automation:

    Sales Process Automation

    The CRM enables the Real Estate sales team to automate the sales pipeline making their job easier and streamlined. The end-to-end sales automation capabilities of the CRM support the sales reps right from prospecting to lead nurturing to deal closing. Thus, it empowers the sales teams to focus on the more critical revenue-generating tasks while automating the mundane processes. It facilitates the sales personnel in all three stages of Real Estate sales-

    • Pre-Sales Automation:

      Pre-Sales Automation

      The CRM aids in automatic lead capture from all sources, lead follow-up using prompt notification, instant lead communication via innovative cloud telephony, auto-lead scoring to classify leads, generation of calling reports for performance insights, and more.

    • Sales Automation:

      Sales Automation

      The CRM enables effective monitoring of the sales team's activities and insightful analysis of their performance, automatic filtering of hot leads using auto-leading scoring & real-time sales pipeline, auto reminders for site visits & follow-ups, management negotiations through auto-generated price quotes, and more.

    • Post-sales Automation:

      Post-sales Automation

      Using the CRM, the sales team could generate & share booking-related documents online, manage customized payment schedules based on projects, send automated payment reminders, handle inventory payments, and after each payment, update the ledger automatically.

  2. Inventory Management:

    Inventory Management

    Real Estate businesses deal with enormous volumes of inventory daily. Manually handling it may quickly become a headache for Real Estate Developers. Using a dedicated digital inventory management platform, such as the CRM, is the solution. Realtors can use it to remotely manage a massive number of apartments, floors, buildings, and even complexes. They no longer need to be physically there to monitor the Real Estate inventory.


    Moreover, in-depth reporting and real-time inventory tracking are essential for understanding inventory performance. Realtors can view and analyze the business-linked data in real-time utilizing the analytics tools within the CRM. It renders keeping track of and accounting for the Real Estate inventory significantly convenient. Not only that, but it also allows realtors to acquire valuable and relevant insightful data regarding the Real Estate company's performance. As a result, they would be able to spot trends and capitalize on market dynamics.
    This way, the developers could get a bird's-eye perspective of their firm's inventory. Using digital inventory management in the CRM, these reports make it easy to understand constraints, bring alterations, and enhance productivity for the Real Estate company.

  3. Cloud Telephony Integration:

    Cloud Telephony

    Real Estate Developers can provide an omnichannel interface to their leads and clients using Cloud Telephony technology integrated with the CRM. A built-in call center functionality is imperative for a Real Estate firm to establish a seamless communication channel that helps capture, nurture, and close deals. Moreover, after-sales services could also be provided to existing customers using it.

Thinking Beyond Regular CRM:

Realtors need to understand that most generic CRMs come with basic features and capabilities that may or may not address the Real Estate industry-specific problems. Generic CRM solutions do not provide functionalities that are pivotal to Real Estate sales operations like automatic lead capturing, nurturing, and scoring. Nor do they improve the configuration and integration of additional features such as cloud telephony. What is needed is an end-to-end, integrated solution intended to handle real estate challenges and understand the business and its operations from the ground up.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all CRM, a Real Estate firm requires a customizable Real Estate transformation system. And it is at this point that a developer must think Beyond CRM.


Sell.Do is India's only integrated Real Estate CRM Software tailored to the industry's needs. It allows realtors to set up an end-to-end sales process, providing the most appropriate and successful tools at each stage. It is an excellent platform equipped with advanced technology since it is jam-packed with the latest automation tools, collaboration tools, communication tools, and integration capabilities.

It is an easy-to-use CRM that comes with customizable and configurable capabilities; it can handle multiple products and projects, locations, and business workflows and processes. Moreover, we assist your clients in going live in just seven days and then provide onboarding support for another 30 days to ensure that the client gets comfortable with the system for no additional training charge.

Sell.Do also provides extensive support from domain experts to help clients learn how to utilize the platform to the maximum and understand the metrics well to improve their conversion rate. In addition, we organize numerous digital classroom training sessions to familiarize the firm's employees with many spheres of digital marketing and sales. Doing so helps them utilize the CRM for converting leads to sales effectively.
If you are looking for software that can provide a customized solution to your Real Estate problems, Sell.Do may be precisely what you are looking for.

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