5 Critical Challenges Faced by Real Estate Brokers

CRM   |   05 April 2021

5 Critical Challenges Faced by Real Estate Brokers

The world we currently live in is completely digitalised. From buying groceries to mobile phones, everything can be done with the tap of a button. Looking for your dream home is no different. Homebuyers can compare the deals offered by various developers and agents online, filtering them based on different criteria and choosing the one that best suits their needs. The competitiveness among agents due to the online model has come as a blessing for prospective homebuyers but has created many challenges for agents.

Some of the challenges Real Estate agents face daily are due to the political climate, volatile markets, increasing mortgage rates and ever-evolving technology.

Here are 5 Problem Areas and their Solutions for Brokers

The most critical and problematic areas in Real Estate Brokering are:

  • Lead generation (capturing lead manually)

    Lead generation (capturing lead manually):

    This process takes place by attracting the buyer and then converting the prospect to a lead. Entering leads data manually is time -consuming and subject to human errors.

    Solution: The Real Estate Broker CRM software offered by Sell.Do helps capture leads automatically from property listing portals, Facebook and other social media sites. The information on these leads is saved in the database, following which the Broker can design a customised solution and convert them into a happy customer Sell.do.helps with auto lead capture, including the ones received from email and SMS templates and saved in the database.

  • Cultivating and maintaining a database

    Cultivating and maintaining a database:

    The task of maintaining a massive database on applications such as Excel can cause leads leakage or duplication of client information.

    Solution: Sell.Do CRM auto-captures lead data from form fills. It segregates leads as per project, property requirements and reduces rudimentary sales work, frees time and avoids human errors.

  • Difficulty in keeping track of inventory (assets) in real-time, across multiple projects and locations

    Difficulty in keeping track of inventory (assets) in real-time, across multiple projects and locations

    With many Brokers working on various deals, it is difficult to keep track of all the inventory available in real-time.

    Solution: Inventory management solutions offered by CRM can help update the status of inventories in real-time, ensuring zero lost inventories across multiple projects and locations.

  • Matching leads to inventory

    Matching leads to inventory:

    With a vast number of properties available, Brokers face the challenge of finding the right property for prospective clients.

    Solution: The advanced search property option offered by Real Estate CRM software can help Brokers to enter the requirements of the client in the database and find a list of properties that match their requirements.

  • Staying organised

    Staying organised:

    Being organised in the workplace can be challenging with innumerable tasks to manage. Brokers sometimes miss an important meeting or a follow-up, which can lead to Client lost.

    Solution: To manage and update the status of assigned work at an individual level, use the Team Management feature provided by Sell.Do.

  • Employee task tracking

    Employee task tracking:

    Assignment or allocation of the task to individuals might be easy, but keeping a tab on their status can be a troublesome and tiring process for Regional/Area Sales head.

    Solution: Sell.Do’s CRM software offers great functions in sales performance tracking, task management, automated notifications, bulk marketing and integrations.

Although Brokers and Real Estate developers face many challenges, utilising technology can make their task much easier, trackable and data-driven. It, in turn, increases your sales revenue and reduces leads leakage.


Your business can grow many folds with the usage of Sell.Do’s CRM software as everything in it is designed keeping the challenges of being a Real Estate agent in focus. If you need help with any of the above issues, contact us to understand the solution we offer and how we can customise it for your requirements.

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