The Role Of AI In Real Estate Sales And Marketing

Marketing   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

Technology has become integral to every business in the past decade or so. Every business that seeks to differentiate itself from others is trying to incorporate the latest technology to stay ahead in the market.

Real Estate is no exception; there are enough players in this space trying to leverage automation and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) for competitive advantage.


This should come as no surprise because automation and AI are fast becoming the Real Estate business norm to reduce workload and improve productivity.

Anyone conversant with Real Estate would know of the industry’s inherent complexities due to the range of operations and customer profile spectrum. This has brought forth the newest technological interventions like Real Estate CRM software, which has made the entire home buying process easy.

Now, let’s focus on understanding the benefits offered by automation for sales and marketing, specific to the Real Estate sector:


  1. Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    Salespeople are often tied up in meeting new customers, and they find it difficult to nurture the leads in the funnel. Automation takes some burden off of your salespeople by allowing your team to create automated email & SMS workflows.

    This allows your sales team to shoot an email or a message to a lead at the click of a button, based on the buyer’s journey stage.

  2. Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    Building great teams is the key to managing a great business. But to build great teams, you need to equip them with the right tools and push them to do their best. An online team collaboration platform empowers your teams to keep lead data consistent for better hand-offs.

    It allows members to store notes against leads, so in the case that a lead is reassigned or shared with another salesperson, he/she can pick the nurturing & communication right up from where it was earlier.


  1. Lead Nurturing

    Lead Nurturing:

    Tools like funnel analytics help you understand how many leads are being nurtured in every level of that drip. For example, if a lead gets marked as hot, you send them an email - if they open that email, you send another one in 2 days, and if that is not opened, you set up a follow-up call.

  2. Bulk Marketing

    Bulk Marketing:

    You can send out an email to a bulk audience - either leads that are grouped together or all leads at once - with a click, saving your sales team the time and effort of individually mailing all.

  3. Campaign Tracking

    Campaign Tracking:

    This feature would make the company competent in tracking both online and offline campaigns and the generation of leads through various marketing campaigns, supported with specific data and insights.

Such features would permit a Real Estate company in increasing its efficiency through the automation of the marketing & sales funnel. This can go a long way in getting established in the market as a techno-savvy brand that keeps its customer’s interest above everything else.


One such software that makes both marketing & sales automation easier is Sell.Do. Specifically designed for the real-estate business, it is a benchmark product that has the distinction of being India’s first and only integrated solution to sell Real Estate online.

Apart from the features mentioned above, it has an advanced level of data security to ensure that you can use the CRM to its optimum potential with maximum safety.


There may be many players in the market offering similar software. Still, we can vouch that you will not come across another company that fully understands the nuances and technicalities of the real-estate business.

Sell.Do is a leading real estate CRM that is specially developed for the Real Estate industry.

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