How To Select A Contact Center Software That Is Best For Real Estate Projects

CRM   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

Getting back to your potential customer in the first 8 minutes can raise the customer gratification rating by more than 65%. This statistic has stemmed from serving more than 600+ real estate clients here at Sell.Do. This indicates exactly why real estate sales & marketing teams need contact center software. Let’s take a tour to the contact center set-up.

For real estate businesses, this becomes 10 times more important at times of new project launches. This is the time when they face high call traffic, higher engagement rates, heavy flow of inquiries and numerous site visits. During such launches, you need high-capacity handling call center solutions:

  • One that scales to ensure calls don’t drop
  • One that scores contacts quickly to let your agents focus on high potential leads
  • One that ensures a visible dashboard with insights to help you make fast-paced decisions

Recently, Sell.Do customer service team conducted a survey of our clients about their awareness of contact center solution or pre-sales software usage. To our surprise, clients assumed that the call tracking feature is actually the whole contact center solution. Generic CRMs used for real estate processes have restricted the real estate industry from gaining complete access to technology. Given the gross merchandise value of any real estate product being around INR 50,00,000 contact center software must be used optimally to get a faster conversion. For this, real estate sales & marketing leaders must consider developing a contact center solution that is exclusive to real estate workflows or getting an exclusive contact center solution for real estate business.

So how do select the perfect contact center solution for real estate projects? Well, here are three key functionalities a contact center deployed in real estate must offer, along with features that support these functionalities.

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  1. Call Center Solution that Ensures & Boosts Agent Productivity

    Movement of your sales funnel is directly dependent on the pre-sales and sales agents’ productivity. Just having a call center is not enough to keep your sales funnel moving. You need a smarter solution that offers the following additional benefits to boost your sales.

    • Auto-Dial leads automatically:

      Your contact center software must allow instant connection to the leads without waiting for pre-sales agent to manually connect.
      This can be configured based on the following: best-performing lead sources like Facebook, website, billboard or Google AdWords, leads coming from priority campaigns or simply an engaged lead with a higher lead score.

    • Create a lead scoring model:

      Model based on communication stages - answered calls, opened emails, talk time, etc. This helps your pre-sales/ sales representatives to spend more time on leads that are more likely to convert.

    • Support offline calling:

      With offline calling support available, pre-sales and sales representatives can use mobile devices to connect with prospects during PRI outage/downtime while still capturing lead interaction using mobile application. This increases agent availability and provides 24x7 connectivity.

    • Provide timely escalations:

      In case of missed calls & no follow-up events

    • Integrate calling/communication data:

      Integrate data with lead profiling and scoring models. The software must use communication data like answered calls, missed calls, no response calls and read/unread emails/SMS to score leads accordingly. This allows your sales representatives to connect with warmer leads more and increases conversion possibilities.

  2. Call Center Solution that provides Superior Customer Experience & Lead Engagement

    To understand how user experience makes a difference you just need to imagine the calls you make to your service provider seeking some kind of issue resolution. Imagine you called a number you saw in an advertisement to inquire about a house you want to buy. As soon as you call, you get put on hold. After a while, you get to talk to any sales or pre-sales representative when you discuss your requirement. Now, on the day before your scheduled visit, you call back the same number only to realize that you need to start again from scratch and explain yourself to some new sales representative for a small query.


    Poor customer experience in the real estate business means 73% dip in your incremental sales, according to our data science team. Hence, the next set of the must-have feature is for augmenting customer experience and engagement.

    • Robust Routing Engine:

      It allows routing based on multiple segmentations like
      • Project-based routing - Target buyers with high intent based on project interest
      • Location-based routing - Target buyers with high intent based on location interest
      • Campaign-based routing - Increase TAT for high performing campaign source.
      • Team-based routing - This allows a specific team to address high intent buyers and increase conversions.
    • Communication Data Integration with CRM:

      This synchronizes all the communication data with real estate CRM and allows sales representatives to understand buyers’ details and requirements before they communicate. This provides a smooth experience to the buyer, saving them the effort of re-establishing information and rapport.
    • Contact Center in the Cloud:

      Helps you call the customer anytime, anywhere.
      • Better reliability, 99.9% uptime.
      • Switches between PRIs to ensure uptime
      • Higher capacity planning for project launches
    • Sticky Routing & Built-in IVR:

      • Sticky routing lets you assign a particular lead inquiry and number to a single representative. This offers consistent user experience and increases conversion chance by 65%
      • Built-in IVR helps introduce vernacular/ regional language interactions possible with ease to offer superior user experience.
  3. Call Center Solution that provides Call Reporting for Managers

    Managing pre-sales and sales team is a bigger challenge. Often sales & marketing leaders in real estate marketing & sales function, find it difficult to keep a check on team productivity and get data for root cause analysis for checking cases stuck within their pipeline.

    A robust contact center must address this by offering features like:

    • Calling Reports:

      With information on a number of calls connected, total incoming calls, outgoing calls, response time, call waiting time, abandoned call details.
    • Custom Call Center Dashboard:

      With custom reports, real estate marketing and sales leaders can track information and analyze the team’s calling performance as per their protocols and set KPIs and TAT for the team depending on the custom reports data.
    • Call Recording:

      Having call records helps business heads understand their team's approach, product knowledge, and communication skills. Based on this information they can reorganize their team calling schedules and train representatives that need help.
    • Get Roster Logs:

      Getting logs on the availability of resources and their availability helps to manage resources and provide seamless connectivity.

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