What Makes Real Estate SEO Different From Standard SEO?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

If you know basic SEO and want to apply it for optimizing leads for your real estate website, think again. It’s because real estate SEO and real estate digital marketing is a different ballgame altogether. The simple reason being, in other sectors you can optimize websites to capture leads one time and convert them into long-term clients. But that’s not the case for real estate.

What Makes It Unique?

The average person buys a home only once. Chances are they will think of buying again if or when they move again or if you fall in the higher bracket segment, they might buy a second or third home. This longer or mostly unlikely turnaround time isn’t something many real estate developers can bank on.


So real estate digital marketing has to be utilized over and over again to constantly bring in new leads and convert them into new clients. That’s why real estate SEO is so unique and vital to the industry. Without knowledge of proper real estate digital marketing strategy your real estate SEO techniques, you are just grasping in the dark and expecting results everytime.

3 Tips for Real Estate SEO

Here are three areas that complicate real estate SEO and how to tackle them:

  1. Local SEO is key

    Real estate SEO is double the work because you have to focus on broader keywords related to the industry as well as optimize local keywords for your exact property locations.
    Solution: Keywords must be mapped into three categories, each with its own objective.

  2. Stand out from the rest

    In order to constantly bring in new leads while differentiating from your competitors, you need more localized blogs, helpful content and more USP-driven webcopy and communication.
    Solution: Start with mapping out each project and describing its USPs clearly

  3. Keep up with the changing market

    Not only do you need to have a fast website load time but you also have to add alt-text for your pictures, each with relevant keywords.
    Solution: Optimize your on-site and off-site elements to rank better


Most home-buyers today fire up their search engines when searching for a home and showing up on their search engines at that moment is what a sound real estate SEO plan will help you achieve. With better planning, diligence, and management you can easily identify what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and where there is room for improvement.


Once you have your website revamped with SEO-optimized content, a Real Estate CRM can help you analyze the traffic on your website. This can help you understand which page is appealing more to your visitors. Also, a Real Estate CRM software can enable automated capturing of the leads that will be generated on the website’s enquiry section, where interested visitors will fill in their personal details. Contact Sell.Do to learn more about how we can provide an end-to-end Real Estate solution for your business, covering all your sales and marketing operations.

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