The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide For Real Estate Industry [Strategy + Examples]

Marketing   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

The real estate industry has been long-dependent on the conventional billboard marketing approach. While the billboard and newspaper advertisements help create awareness and draw the attention of your target buyer, but it doesn’t compel the viewer to take any action.


Real estate email marketing solves certain key purposes like creating a positive brand perception, offering a platform for buyers to enquire/take action and nurturing them with more information. However, your real estate email marketing strategy must go beyond simple creatives. It should be well-thought through. Here is a curated guide gathered from interactions with top real estate professionals and capturing their approach.

Considering that you know your set of target audiences well, let us start with the types of emails that real estate buyers are highly likely to consider interacting with and take relevant action.

  1. Target special occasions

    When would you prefer buying a property or a house? Well, simply put yourself into your buyers’ shoes and think when you yourself would have bought a property. List down all those key buying days and target your email communication around it. Here are a few examples that did well.

    Email marketing_real estate_template1

    Targeting the biggest buying time in sub-continent as in the above template serves as an example for newsjacking or trend capturing. Here buyers are offered two reasons to act – festive-time buying and GST highlights for tax benefits - something that buyers always looks for.

    Email marketing_real estate_template2

    Buyers often try to settle before monsoon for a smooth transition and this is the time of the year when you need a lifestyle upgrade. Matched with the occasion are the amenities offerings, the meat of the communication.


    Both these examples have used a clear call-to-action to call virtual numbers that are routed through a pre-sales contact center software and real estate CRM.

  2. Hit the Need

    When your average merchandise cost is around 50 lakhs, it is important to understand what they are paying for. Buyers have a fixed set of parameters while they make a property purchase. When real estate buyers shop, they are paying for a lifestyle upgrade or for better comfort and ease.

    Here are some email templates that received better CTRs as they were successful in “Hitting the Need”.

    Email marketing_real estate_template3

    In metro or urban localities, people seek proximity to their routine transit locations. If you have any of these as your projects USPs, create an email campaign around it. Boost your email campaign open rates followed by lead generation.

  3. Change dreams to reality

    Real estate purchases are also referred to as “Dream Purchases” i.e., something that a normal person spends on once or twice in years.

    Email templates that have transformed buyers’ idea of a dream house to life through communication saw better lead flow & faster conversions. These email templates serve as an example for creating a “wow” effect on your prospective buyers.

    Email marketing_real estate_template-4

  4. Offer an irresistible deal

    Another very important influencer with real estate buying is price psychology or discount psychology. In order to please buyers, real estate developing companies come up with aggressive discount & offers. To be able to communicate this and get the best reach, real estate marketers must consider an email marketing strategy with the right message and communication.

    Refer these email templates to set the tone of your offers and discounts to get more leads.

    Email marketing_real estate_template-5Email marketing_real estate_template-6

  5. Use vernacular communication

    Imagine translating a joke from a regional language to English and expecting your punch line to make the same impact.

    The same is the case with marketing campaigns. A recent article in ET shows the following stats, stating how vernacular content influences buyers.

    article in ET shows the following stats

    This is an indication that marketers should also include vernacular strategy in marketing. Real estate, in this case, will be one industry that can get the best of its advantage.

    There are examples where real estate marketers succeeded in pinching the right nerve.

    Email marketing_real estate_template-7

  6. Pull the trigger and Sell.Do

    Setting up an email campaign using Sell.Do real estate marketers can add speed and intelligence to your marketing efforts. Tracking campaigns with built-in tracking campaign optimization become easier. Your email marketing strategy without tracking its performance and follow-up with engagement are incomplete.

    Additionally, Sell.Do’s machine-learning-based lead scoring also allows your sales function to focus more on leads based on its intent. This follow-up preference based on lead scoring shall increase your lead conversion rate. 

With the above example templates, you are ready to set your real estate email marketing plan and start getting more leads. Once you have leads in prospect you must know what next to do.

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