Contactless Sales & Marketing: is it possible for real estate?

Sales   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

Confusion prevails in the real estate market. Homebuyers, as well as real estate developers, are uncertain about the future of the industry in such uncertain times.

In the wake of the prevalent apprehension due to COVID-19, home buyers are increasingly warming up to the concept of online property search and purchase. Recent surveys have revealed a preference for virtual site visits over actual and video conferencing over in-person interactions.

Looking at these developments, a question now arises:

Is it possible for developers to introduce a contactless marketing and sales experience for homebuyers?

Indeed it is. But only with an integrated solution like Sell.Do for real estate!

We have tried to shed light on this topic by addressing some common questions that may help you understand the product better.

How can customers view and buy properties without any interactions in-person?

Sell.Do offers India’s first-ever online property sales and marketing platform. Through the platform, homebuyers can see details of entire projects and individual units like price, area, pricing and similar pertinent information. Once they like a unit, they can go ahead and book it by making an online payment through secure payment gateways. It is as easy as booking seats for a movie in a theatre!

What are the key features of Sell.Do that enable contactless sales and real estate marketing?

Features like auto-lead tracking, video conferencing, virtual tours, real-time inventory details, one-click property booking and cancellation, secure online payments and post-sales management enable developers to implement contactless real estate online selling and marketing. Moreover, Sell.Do enables remote collaboration of teams with features like cloud telephony, document management and real-time reports, dashboards & business intelligence and broker integration among others. In addition, Sell.Do has its own proprietary app that has been in business for quite a while now. New features are regularly added to the app, further enhancing its effectiveness and experience.


Where does broker integration fit in the equation?

With broker integration, developers can authorise their channel partners and provide a dedicated dashboard to them. Through this dashboard, they can showcase projects to potential customers and engage them seamlessly. Moreover, with real-time inventory details and broker tags on leads, there will be no disputes of double booking or incorrect lead attribution. This adds to the overall operational transparency with brokers, making it easy to track individual performances.



How long does it take to incorporate Sell.Do in a real estate business?

Only 72 hours! The fact is, Sell.Do is an exclusive real estate CRM software designed by industry veterans who understand the importance of time with respect to business. Sell.Do has, therefore, been designed to offer a very intuitive user experience. This is one of the reasons why more than 600 leading real estate developers have chosen Sell.Do as the preferred technology partner to take their business to the next level.

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