Sell.Do: Single Platform For Multiple Stakeholder Engagement And Management

CRM   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

How many softwares do you currently use for the various processes of your real estate business? Three, four, five? Perhaps Excel, PowerPoint, a CRM and more?

It must get inconvenient to collate data from all this software to get an overview of performance, isn’t it? Like collecting leads data for all platforms to make a PPT. Or, maintaining multiple excel sheets for the data of various channel partners. Or, maintaining multiple sheets to track the performance of your team members. Unfortunately, the list goes on! But, fortunately, there’s an easy solution: Sell.Do real estate CRM!


Sell.Do has been designed as a single platform where multiple stakeholders in the real estate sales engine can collaborate effortlessly. Right from CXOs to Channel Partners, Sell.Do makes work easy and convenient for all, which includes performing all the tasks mentioned above just in a few clicks, and much more!

Here are the benefits Sell.Do offers to various stakeholders:

  1. CXOs

    With Sell.Do, CXOs do not have to depend on subordinates for any data. The platform automatically displays business insights on sales, costs, and team performance at the click of a button! Moreover, its real-time data technology allows users to check the latest metrics or reports at any instance, which saves them a lot of their valuable time.

  2. Sales Managers

    With access to real-time, in-depth data on team performance, Sales Managers can closely monitor their teams and allocate jobs accordingly. Moreover, the channel partner and broker integration features allow for dispute-free collaboration. And the best part is, everything is available on a single dashboard!

  3. Marketing Managers

    Sell.Do automatically tracks leads from all offline as well as online platforms and shows it on the dashboard of Marketing Managers. Through their single dashboard, they can view cost metrics, check the performance of various campaigns and do much more.

  4. Sales Executives

    Salespersons do not have to maintain lead sheets and update them regularly as Sell.Do does it for them. It also auto-scores leads based on their interactions and reminds them of follow-up calls via notifications. On top of this, the Sell.Do smartphone mobile CRM app allows them to manage activities from anywhere, at any time.

  5. Channel Partners and Brokers

    Sell.Do solves two common problems faced by Channel Partners and Brokers. First, it tracks accurately whether a lead has been generated through a Channel Partner or other sources. This allows for dispute-free incentive management. And second, it shows availability of units in real time, which helps to prevent double bookings.

  6. Customers

    With Sell.Do’s one-of-a-kind online booking and payments platform, customers can view the details of any unit in real-time. They can even make or cancel a booking with just a click and make secure online payments.

Sell.Do can truly transform the way you do business and help you attain peak performance.

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