5 Features That Make Up A Good Real Estate CRM

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Real estate has always been a high ticket value investment. This simple fact makes the path-to-purchase for real estate much more complex than other industries. The real estate process involves multiple functions from lead acquisition to engagement to conversion. Furthermore, there are stakeholders involved at different levels who need visibility over the customer journey. Add to this the sheer huge volume of data from disparate sources and you have a process that’s both extensive and complex in nature. A generic CRM with standard features may not be able to address all of these functions and factors.

Real estate businesses need features that are tailor-made to solve challenges particular to their industry. Which is why exclusive real estate CRM software is an ideal choice for real estate developers.

Look for these 5 features that are vital for real estate in a CRM:

  1. Customization

    First things first, a good real estate CRM should come equipped with in-built features specific to the industry. Generic, off-the-shelf CRMs are therefore not usable in this context. Besides, it should be flexible enough to incorporate any special requirement. For example, you can watch how a unique, gamified offer was integrated into Sell.Do real estate CRM software

  2. Remote Working

    A salesperson’s work extends beyond his/her desk or office. They are on the move for client meetings, site tours and whatnot. In such on-the-move ecosystems, a CRM must have a feature that allows them to access the software from anywhere. Aside from working seamlessly on laptops, Sell.Do also features smartphone apps made exclusively for Android and iOS.

  3. Quick & easy usability

    Time is money, especially in the business world. It doesn’t make sense if you get the world’s most popular CRM for your business and it takes 3 months to set it up. Your productivity, as well as revenues, may take a hit due to this. And even if long-term benefits tip you in the favour of such a CRM, why choose it when you have better-integrated solutions available in the market?

  4. Sales Executives

    Salespersons do not have to maintain lead sheets and update them regularly as Sell.Do does it for them. It also auto-scores leads based on their interactions and reminds them of follow-up calls via notifications. On top of this, the Sell.Do smartphone app allows them to manage activities from anywhere, at any time.

  5. Online Sales

    Real estate has always been sold conventionally. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has brought forth a need for change in this sales process. Actual site visits and in-person interactions aren’t about to happen very soon. Rather, home buyers are showing an increasing preference towards searching, exploring and even purchasing properties online. Having a real estate CRM software with a robust online sales setup is, therefore, the need of the hour to keep businesses afloat.

  6. Free Support

    A good real estate CRM will definitely have seamless adoption assistance and live on-time support to add the necessary human touch. Users will have queries, but no one would like to ‘pay for asking questions’. Free support that’s always available on call, email or live chat is thus a necessity for every CRM.


In Conclusion

The best real estate CRM needs to have these features at the least. Otherwise, the software would merely help you get rid of pen-n-paper processes instead of improving your entire sales and marketing processes.

You can explore Sell.Do real estate CRM software, which has been exclusively designed for the real estate industry by veterans. The integrated solution ticks all the boxes from the above list and offers much more.

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