How Automation Can Offer Better Insights Across The Sales Funnel?

Sales   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

There are multiple stages in a consumer’s journey to invest in a property like:

The planning stage, where the kind of property, location, budget and other requirements are decided upon

The shortlisting stage, where a broader set of properties that satisfy above requirements is formed

The exploration stage, where home buyers start visiting the property and interacting with the salespeople

The decision stage, where decisions are made with regards to the property selection, price negotiation and booking.


Across all these stages, there is very important data scattered which developers can leverage to understand customer expectations better. Though sales teams can manually dig out such data, the time and effort it takes to collate, categorise and analyse all data makes it unfeasible in today’s fast-paced market. This is where a real estate lead management system can work for developers.

Take a look at how automation in a real estate CRM software can help you understand customer journeys better at each stage to improve sales:


The awareness phase comprises of customer interactions with your paid marketing campaigns. With a real estate lead management system and AI-based Campaign Insights, you get to gauge the reach of your ad campaigns, the view and click-through rates, how much is your cost per click coming to, and other such important metrics and suggest you ideal routes to set up a campaign.


In this stage, prospective leads have visited your website or landing pages, consumed information and expressed interest in knowing specifics, i.e. filled in their details. This is a very important stage for lead qualification.

By using data analysis tools like Google Analytics on your landing page, you can easily understand how many leads are clicking on the ads but not registering, how much time they are spending on the landing page, which sections they are interested in the most, and so on. Such insights can help you improve your online product experience and push leads to the next stage.


No homebuyer enquires about one project and books it instantly without considering other projects. This is where features like automated drip marketing and auto lead scoring of a real estate CRM software can influence your prospective customers. Using these features, you can send the right messages at the right time to your leads depending on their interaction with your brand. It helps to ensure top-of-the-mind recall in your customers.


When a lead has finalized your property among others, a sales CRM software can make the buying process quick and hassle-free. Take Sell.Do’s integrated solution for real estate for example. Through its one-of-a-kind online property booking portal, homebuyers can view unit-wise information for a project in real-time, book a project and even do secure online payments!


Customer experience doesn’t end with the sale of a property. Post-sales experience matters too. If done the right way, it can improve your brand’s image in the eye of the newly acquired customer, which can lead to project referrals! Through a real estate CRM software, you can send and receive documents online, thereby ensuring an effortless experience for your customers.


Many developers do not choose digital solutions believing that they can still sell without them. And here’s where they fail to understand the benefits of the technology. An automation tool is not meant to help you only sell digitally, but to help you sell in a better way!

At Sell.Do, we have helped over 600 real estate developers across India improve sales and ROIs. With our end-to-end sales and marketing automation platform, we have been able to show developers the scope of improvement they thought was never there! If you find it hard to believe now, schedule a free demo and experience it yourself.

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