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CRM   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

The lockdown may just have given us a precursor of a trend of the future: working from home.

Yes, looking at the current situation, it is uncertain when, and how, businesses will function in full swing. It will be safe to say that working from home will be the new norm for the upcoming months.

Though it won’t be a significant problem for the IT sector, other sectors will surely struggle. And real estate is certainly one of them. However, all hope is not lost. The best bet of real estate businesses in the current situation is to bring in some ‘Technology’ into their business. That is, to use the power of technology to help teams collaborate remotely, streamline marketing and sales functions through automation and move sales online. And this is where Sell.Do real estate CRM will prove to be an ideal choice for businesses.

Take a look at how its features can help real estate businesses, especially with remote team management:

  1. Sales & Marketing Automation

    Sales and marketing cycles have changed considerably in the wake of the lockdown and you, therefore, need a robust CRM that can adapt to this change. With Sell.Do, you can set up customised sales/marketing workflows, ensuring complete automation and smoother remote working experience.

    Sell.Do thus facilitates seamless execution of all your online-offline campaigns. Tools like the powerful email builder and web-form generator can get your marketing campaigns up and running in no time.

    When it comes to sales, Sell.Do strengthens your teams by automating the regular functions like shooting bulk SMS/emails, lead capturing and allocation, so the salesperson can concentrate on their core responsibilities.

  2. Remote Sharing & Collaboration

    With features like Cloud Telephony, Document Management and Real-time Reports, Dashboards & Escalations, Sell.Do allows for smooth remote collaboration between all your teams. What’s more, Sell.Do also comes with a smartphone app that takes convenience even further.

  3. Broker Integration

    Coordination and dispute management with brokers, or channel partners, has always been a concern for developers, lockdown notwithstanding. Sell.Do real estate CRM not only helps avoid disputes by proper lead accreditation, but also helps in broker onboarding, seamless management of their leads and payments collections. All in all, it facilitates improved collaboration with brokers.

  4. Complete lead management

    Now that your teams are working from different locations, lead management can become quite a confusing task to maintain. With Sell.Do, however, you get a simple and secure system which enables effective capturing, allocation, interaction and nurturing for all your leads. Furthermore, with dual data security and lead detail encryption, you are also assured of complete data security as well.

  5. Single dashboard to track performance and generate reports

    Performance monitoring and reporting can be exceedingly difficult in a remote working scenario. Sell.Do solves the problem by providing you with a single dashboard that tracks individual, team and projects performances in real-time. What’s more? It also identifies the top and low performers through in-depth calling and connectivity reports.

  6. Seamless Customer Engagement

    The last thing you’d want in a remote working scenario is the customer feeling neglected. Sell.Do’s robust list of features ensure hassle-free customer engagement through various touchpoints. Right from ensuring your team is always ‘there’ for attending the customers to setting up notifications and reminders for follow-ups, Sell.Do manages it all.


Besides these, Sell.Do’s Integrated solution has a robust list of other features that supports remote working and online selling for any real estate business setup. These include a smart call centre solution, on-the-go site visit management, marketing campaign tracking, video-conferencing, inventory management and on-click booking & cancellation amongst others.

The lockdown has only further solidified the need for all real estate businesses to go digital. Sell.Do can help you make the transition seamlessly and maximise the ROI effortlessly.

There’s no denying that real estate is going to see a lot of changes in the future. And it is only through cutting-edge technology that businesses will be able to adapt.

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