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CRM   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

The lockdown has placed our fast-paced and ‘always on the move’ lives on hold; to protect ourselves, our families and employees by staying within the confines of our homes.

Predictably, the lockdown has also adversely affected every industry in India. However, the real estate industry is feeling the pinch more than the rest. Though the official numbers are not out yet, the writing on the wall is getting clearer by the day.

The cumulative effect of the lockdown on the real estate industry has been significant-

  • Site visits have come to a standstill
  • This has resulted in decreased property booking and sales
  • The real estate industry is holding a huge unsold inventory stockpile

If we read between the lines, we can identify two common denominators that real estate developers need to address with the help of technology, i.e., property sales and business productivity. Developers need practical solutions to mitigate the challenges springing from our current context.

Practical solutions to real estate challenges in the current situation

Today, India’s real estate businesses enjoy better access to technology than ever before. Migrating to a Real Estate CRM can help developers mitigate economic slowdowns better.

Let us address the property sales conundrum first.

Essentially, the future of real estate sales lies in technology where developers can connect with buyers on a single digital platform for all its requirements, including sales. And Sell.Do IRIS is a practical solution for this!

Sell.Do IRIS for online property sales and booking

IRIS is an online sales and booking management platform. To alleviate the standstill of site visits, real estate developers can use IRIS to highlight properties to their clients virtually.

Businesses can conduct Virtual Site Visits and provide AR/VR (Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality) guided tours integrated with videoconferencing software. Features such as Virtual Site Visits can allow property buyers to view the property from the safety of their homes. Moreover, sites can be accessed from any connected device and can be viewed as many times as required.

Likewise, interested buyers can choose properties and make bookings on IRIS. The Property Booking and Payments module ensures no one property is booked multiple times. What’s more, sales representatives do not have to update details at each stage manually. The module automatically updates all details at relevant points without the need for manual intervention.


The module also allows buyers to safely make payments online. It automatically creates and shares unique payment links for customers for secure transactions. On payment, the module automatically updates transaction information in the Inventory Module.

One of the biggest struggles during these times is maintaining cashflows. IRIS also helps businesses manage cashflows easily with automated Demand Letters Generation & Payments Tracker. Besides, all this information is readily available on the Business Dashboard with real-time business intelligence.

And for those users who already are using Real Estate CRM and don’t want to migrate from their existing solution, IRIS is fully compatible with popular CRM software like Salesforce and ERP software like SAP, Strategic ERP and In4Velocity.

Now, let’s look at the conundrum called business productivity.

Sell.Do Real Estate CRM for business productivity with remote working features

No business can claim efficiency without remote working capabilities, especially in such trying times. To manage and maintain business productivity, Sell.Do modules and tools are primed for remote working.


Powered by automation, Sell.Do ensures that business workflows run smoothly with automated capture and management of Leads, Contacts and Deals. Sell.Do brings sales, marketing and finance teams onto a single platform that allows easy Team Management with features such as check-in and check-out, manage break timings and more.

Managers and team members can use the Task Management module to create tasks, update statuses and track daily work activity. Each user gets his/her Dashboard, customised to their profile/role and showcasing all pertinent information.

The platform also features AI-driven Cloud Telephony combined with Fully Remote Roster Management to assign tasks based on agent availability.

On the Communication front, managers or team members can set up online meetings. This ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page. Also, effortless customer engagement can be maintained with commonly used integrated technology like emails, WhatsApp and SMS.

Lastly, a Report Management Module allows managers to create custom reports for each individual, team, department and timeframe. All these remote working features together creates a collaborative ecosystem to maintain business productivity.

Bringing it all together with Sell.Do’s Integrated Solution to Sell Real Estate Online

Sell.Do’s Integrated Solution is primed for effectiveness not just in terms of online sales and booking but also helps create an ecosystem for remote collaboration.

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