How Sell.Do Helps CXOs, Managers And Executives

CRM   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

Sell.Do helps you achieve peak performance, not just through your processes, but also through your people.

We have often talked about how features of the real estate CRM help you automate your entire sales and marketing cycle.


But in this article, we want to shed light on the ‘human’ benefits of Sell.Do as a real estate CRM software. This will give you an idea of how different features of Sell.Do solve problems for people at different levels, right from the CXOs to the sales executives.

Here’s a feature-benefit analysis of how Sell.Do benefits your real estate process through various roles and responsibilities.


FEATURE  BENEFIT CXOs Features-End-to-end sales & marketing automation

End-to-end sales & marketing automation

The single solution platform increases productivity of sales and marketing teams, thereby increasing return on investment CXOs Features-auto-generated marketing reports

In-depth, auto-generated marketing reports

Understand the actual impact of marketing campaigns on sales CXOs Features-Sales and marketing reports on a single platform

Sales and marketing reports on a single platform

Easy analysis of various metrics, from number of leads generated to performance of sales tea CXOs Features-Real-time reports

Real-time reports

From sales pipeline to marketing performance, all data is available in its latest stage CXOs Features-End-to-end cost analysis

End-to-end cost analysis

Important metrics like cost per lead and cost per conversion is available on a single dashboard CXOs Features-Online booking portal

Online booking portal

Hassle-free and transparent booking experience for customers; smart decision-making through real-time inventory management CXOs Features-Dual Data Security

Dual Data Security

Lead and business data is safe from being leaked CXOs Features-features customisation

Free offers & features customisation

Personalised solutions that cater to specific demands


FEATURE  BENEFIT Sales Managers Features-sales performance reports

Complete sales performance reports

Easy analysis of multiple project reports on a single dashboard Sales Managers Features-Team performance reports

Team performance reports

Easy analysis of team performance on a single dashboard Sales Managers Features-In-depth calling reports

In-depth calling reports

Know how pre-sales and sales teams are interacting with leads Sales Managers Features-Lead assignment

Lead assignment

Choose particular executives who are experts in interacting with a hot, warm or cold leads. Sales Managers Features-Online booking portal

Online booking portal

Hassle-free and transparent booking process for customers with real-time inventory details; no duplicate bookings; best price suggestion based on demand; no disputes related channel partner sales. Sales Managers Features-Digital reports

Digital reports

Less paperwork and more visibility.

Marketing Managers

FEATURE    BENEFIT Marketing Managers Features-Cross-platform reports

Cross-platform reports

Understand the best and worst-performing platforms; no disputes. Marketing Managers Features-End-to-end lead reports

End-to-end lead reports

From lead generation to lead booking, all reports are available for easy analysis on a single platform. Marketing Managers Features-n-depth reports

In-depth reports

Cost per click, cost per lead, cost per qualified lead, cost per conversion…all metrics are available on a single dashboard for easy analysis; understand if a campaign should be sustained or changed. Marketing Managers Features-Automated lead nurturing

Automated lead nurturing

Emails and SMSes are automatically sent to leads to increase interest.

Pre-sales Executives

FEATURE    BENEFIT Pre-sales Executives Features-Auto-lead capture

Auto-lead capture

Leads from all marketing platforms are automatically captured on a single dashboard. Pre-sales Executives Features-Smart cloud telephony

Smart cloud telephony

Automatically connect with a lead as soon as it is generated, or after a set period of time. Pre-sales Executives Features-Auto-lead scoring

Auto-lead scoring

Easily understand lead stage based on a set scoring pattern Pre-sales Executives Features-Automatic reminders for calls.

Automatic reminders for calls.

Never miss an enquiry or a follow-up.


Sell.Do thus enables every person involved to achieve peak performance through effective marketing and sales automation. That’s what makes us one of the best real estate CRM software for developers in India.


If you wish to explore more of such benefits and features, feel free to contact us or schedule a demo today.

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