How Sell.Do Scores Over Salesforce As A Real Estate CRM

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Let us consider this situation.

You have to buy a suit for your annual meeting, and you have two options; which one would you choose- a ready-made suit that is made for mass sales and looks okay on you, or a tailor-made suit that is specifically designed for your body type and truly complements your personality?

Choosing tailor-made over ready-made suit would be the right decision, wouldn’t it? Because personalised products give you what you need, and bring the best out of you.


If you look at it in a certain way, CRMs are just like suits! While choosing one, you should always opt for the one that meets the specific needs of your business and industry, rather than choosing a generic CRM. Which is exactly the difference between Sell.Do and Salesforce.

While Salesforce is a popular CRM, Sell.Do is the best CRM software for real estate marketing automation and sales automation. Here are 5 reasons why-

Exclusively designed for Real Estate

As we said earlier, Salesforce is a popular CRM software, but it hasn’t been created exclusively for the real estate industry. Sell.Do, on the other hand, has been designed and developed by industry veterans with years of experience in real estate sales and marketing. Because of which, it comes power-packed with features that tackle real-world problems faced by real estate sales and marketing teams. What’s more, we also release updates regularly to address new issues and make processes smoother.

You can check out all the real estate CRM features of

Zero customisation cost

A big issue with Salesforce is that, though it is customisable, the features come with a cost. And a hefty one at that. Sell.Do real estate CRM offers various customisations for free and saves you up to ₹6 Lakh per annum !

You can convey your custom requirements to us right away and let Sell.Do make the difference: Contact Us

Setup in 3 days

Salesforce takes 3 months to set up. Which means, all your real estate sales and marketing processes are disturbed to incorporate the new software. It is not only counterproductive but it can significantly affect your revenues as well. With Sell.Do’s plug-n-sell capability, you can go live in just 3 days! Thereby saving up to 2000+ sales hours, and indirectly your money.

Try scheduling a demo and experience Sell.Do’s process automation first-hand.

3-hour training time

One of the most common problems faced by Salesforce users is the training time it requires, which can go up to a month. When your teams are used to a particular way of working, adapting to a new CRM software takes time. Being truly aware of this problem, we designed Sell.Do to be very intuitive and easy to use. In just 3 hours, your teams can start using the platform smoothly.


Here’s a detailed feature and benefit-based comparison between Salesforce and Sell.Do for you to scrutinise.

Free product support

Whether you are facing any issues with Sell.Do’s features, or have any query about using a new one, you can avail free support from a dedicated consultant. The same service costs up to ₹1 Lakh with Salesforce. What’s more, you also get free consulting from industry veterans to improve your real estate sales and marketing efforts with Sell.Do.

We have made a detailed page, where you can compare Sell.Do and Salesforce side by side. By the time you finish reading it, you will notice that the real force your real estate business needs is Sell.Do!

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