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CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Managing property enquiries, scheduling site visits, handling bookings, managing channel partner sales, staying updated on inventory details, ensuring a good return on investment...

Keeping track of sales activities and data in the Real Estate business can get pretty overwhelming!

Even more so when new project launches, campaigns and introduction of new offers are the norm of the day! Events like these, demand hundreds and thousands of site visits and see bookings from all kinds of channels. The sales representatives, often, struggle to manage these activities and fail to stay on top of the mounting data. Lost leads, double bookings, low conversion ratios and many more such problems start creeping into the system.


However, all these activities and data can be managed effectively on one platform with very little effort!

Sell.Do is a real estate CRM that serves as a single solution platform for automating your entire sales and marketing cycle. So right from automatically gathering leads to managing payments from customers, Sell.Do tracks everything!

Marketing and Sales automation softwares can help free up time for your sales representatives and they can focus on value-added activities like interacting with your customers. Also, all your data can now be tracked on one platform and is available to you for easy analysis.

Sell.Do can help you manage your data seamlessly across all the stages of the selling cycle

  1. Stage 1: Setting Up Advertising Campaigns

    • Launch online campaigns from Facebook and Google
    • Get customised search ads as per people’s search terms
    • Get auto-generated campaign reports for easy analysis
    • Get valuable insights to increase your ROI
  2. Stage 2: Tracking Campaigns

    • Track all your online & offline campaigns on a single dashboard
    • Get in-depth reports to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns on sales
    • Get cross-platform marketing reports on a single screen
    • Send event-based SMSes/emails to your customers with just a few clicks
    • Engage with multiple customers at the same time through bulk SMSes/email

    Atulya Khobragade, Marketing Manager, Mahindra Happinest, talks about how Sell.Do, as a single dashboard, helped Mahindra Happinest enhance their marketing process for a launch campaign.

  3. Stage 3: Pre-Sales Automation

    • Automatically capture leads from all sources
    • Never miss an enquiry or follow-up with prompt notifications
    • Instantly contact leads with smart cloud telephony
    • Identify hot leads easily through auto-lead scoring
    • Get insightful calling reports of your pre-sales team for performance review
  4. Stage 4: Sales Automation

    • Track your sales team’s activities and analyse their performance through insightful data
    • Automatically filter hot leads through auto-lead scoring and real-time sales pipeline
    • Get automatic reminders for site visits, follow-ups & tasks
    • Get auto-generated price quotes and automatically manage negotiations
    • Enable management on the go for your sales reps with the Sell.Do app
  5. Stage 5: Online Property Booking

    • Enable a hassle-free online property booking experience for your homebuyers
    • Increase transparency with real-time inventory details
    • Get best cost details based on real-time demand
    • Prevent channel partner credit disputes with live tracking
    • Prevent instances of duplicate or double property bookings with live updation

    Mr. Sachin Bhandari, CEO, VTP Realty talks about how Sell.Do’s online property booking feature proves to be an engaging experience for homebuyers.

  6. Stage 6: Post Sales Management Automation

    • Create & send booking-related documents online
    • Manage project-wise customized payment schedules
    • Automatically send payment reminders
    • Automatically update ledger after each payment
    • Organize & maintain payments for all inventories

    Marketing and Sales automation can help you make the most of your limited time and maximize your return on investment.


    Ankur Parmar, Marketing Head, Mahindra Happinest shares his experience on how Sell.Do gave them complete campaign visibility, right from lead generation to booking in one place.


Try Sell.Do! Market smarter, Sell faster.

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