7 Ways To Choose The Right Real Estate CRM

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

A dedicated real estate customer relationship management tool can transform your business, yes, but which one to choose is a different dilemma altogether. In a competitive market where everyone says they are the best, finding the CRM tool that suits your needs is quite a task.

Thankfully there are some basic pointers you can consider before selecting an ideal CRM software that’s perfect for real estate developers in India. Lets know these in detail.

  1. Identify your Needs

    Begin by asking yourself some simple questions – Why do you need a CRM in the first place? For managing your leads? Or for marketing to them as well? Would you be using the software as a part of your sales process or to automate it completely? Answers to such questions can help you identify the most pressing need for the CRM software.

  2. Analyse your Business

    Besides identifying your business needs, it’s also essential to analyse your real estate setup. You should consider factors like the size of your business, sales team strength, the volume of customers, number of real estate projects, future growth and diversification plans (if any) for your business. Opting for a general-purpose CRM that doesn’t address your process issues wouldn’t really be useful. On the other hand, buying a CRM that’s way too complex for your processes also won’t make sense.

  3. Check the Features

    A lot of real estate CRM tools have their own set of features over and above the regular ones. These may include analytical reports, reminders & notifications, sales forecasting, cloud telephony, bulk email/SMS services, single dashboard view and other such attributes that give them the edge over other tools.

    Arming yourself with information about general and unique features you can expect will help you narrow down on a particular CRM that would be suitable for solving your business problems.

  4. Consider the Costs

    Check the pricing structure, subscription models and additional costs associated with the CRM. Determine your budget and also consider future costs of upgrading, tech support and customizations (If any) before you opt for any CRM.

  5. Understand the Integrations

    This includes studying the technical requirements and adoption parameters before subscribing to any particular CRM. Installation time, cloud compatibility, mobile adaptability, troubleshooting, upgrades are some of the factors you can consider while choosing the right CRM. Ease or speed of training and onboarding is another factor you should be considering here.

  6. Study the Performance

    Stats speak a lot about a particular CRM’s efficiency. Case studies, success stories or testimonials can help gauge the performance of a CRM and should, therefore, be checked before choosing the right one for you. These factors also add to the reliability and efficiency quotient of that CRM.

  7. Verify the Credibility

    If you have some CRM tools shortlisted, you should also try and do some research and check their ratings or credibility. Ideally, you should get answers to questions like - Does the CRM have a reliable data security infrastructure? What’s the general opinion about the software amongst other real estate developers? How effective and attentive is their customer support for troubleshooting?


Checking these points off your list should put you in a good position to make an informed decision. Remember, it’s always wise to consult experts, compare and scrutinise different CRMs available in the market before selecting the one that’s best suited for your real estate business.

Sell.Do is one such effective real estate CRM software that fulfils all the parameters mentioned above. Besides automating your sales and marketing processes, Sell.Do also helps you gain valuable insights through campaign tracking and performance reports. You can explore other such important features of Sell.Do, an ideal real estate management software, by scheduling a free demo.

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