5 Tips To Help Your Real Estate Sales Team Sell Better

Sales   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Sales is a competitive job, to put it in the most modest way. Sales representatives always have to be on their level best to convert customers.

And the hard part is that you can never say if a particular lead will convert into a customer. Because there are many factors that are beyond your control, like the customer’s psyche, market conditions, and your competitors’ negotiations, among others. While you can’t do much about these things, you can certainly make efforts so that your sales team brings their A-game to work every day.


Here are some ways that can help you push your sales team to a higher plane of performance:

  1. Stop Cold Calling

    Instead, focus on your marketing efforts to bring in as many qualified leads as possible. This will help you in two ways. First, it will save your sales reps time. Second, it will prevent them from losing their patience while dealing with abrupt rejections from irate customers, which is inevitable with cold calling. On the contrary, they can go for comparatively warmer leads.

    And when your sales rep has converted a lead, they could ask the customer for contact information of their acquaintances that may be interested in your project, so that they get more warm leads via referrals. This way, they also have an element of relevancy while having a conversation with the new lead.

  2. Don't Draw Comparisons With Competitors

    Constantly comparing your sales team with competitors can be very demotivating. Although, when done correctly, some comparisons are actually fruitful if there’s knowledge-sharing about sales techniques or best practices. What you can try is to arrange sessions/workshops that boost your sales team’s knowledge and confidence.

    Always keep in mind, an unhappy sales rep is almost equal to an unhappy customer-in-the-making. Try and come up with new ways and techniques to keep the morale high amongst your sales team.

  3. Make Them Understand The Product, Thoroughly!

    If your sales team has thorough knowledge about what they are selling, it will benefit you in two ways. First, they will be able to sell your project with complete, unwavering, enduring confidence.

    Second, they will be perfectly ready to answer all the queries and doubts that your leads may ask. A confident sales rep casts a much better impression on a lead and is more likely to drive conversion, than an uninformed, under-confident one.

  4. Enable Conversations

    What’s the best way to make a stranger comfortable with you? A friendly conversation, right? If a normal interaction of your sales rep with a lead is they-ask-question-and-you-answer, your lead will feel like he/she is interacting with a vanilla, human brochure!

    Invest in training your sales team to improve their soft skills. It will help your sales reps strike a chord with leads, understand their background, their needs, and their future plans, and make them confident about your product.

  5. Reduce Unnecessary Work Load

    What’s the job of a sales representative? Selling! You hire these professionals mainly to convince your leads to buy your product. Everything else, like paperwork and data documentation, is secondary. If you take this load off their shoulders, you will see phenomenal results. How would you do it? A real estate CRM software is one of the answers. It automates most steps in the sales process and lets your sales reps focus on what they should - selling!


These are just some of the many ways to experiment and improve your sales team’s performance. Try to implement as many of these and see if the results are better.

And speaking of real estate sales CRM software, Sell.Do is India’s leading CRM designed exclusively for real estate. It helps you automate your complete sales and marketing cycle and drive better return on investment.

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