Why Do Developers Need To Digitize Payments In Real Estate?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of having a digital interface for managing and performing online payments for every industry around the world. Instead of being a value-added service offered by companies, online payment is becoming a necessity for its survival in this digital age. Customers have been choosing businesses offering contactless payment facilities from remote locations. It reduces the risk of transmitting infections while booking the required property from any place.


A Real Estate CRM software is an integrated platform streamlining the operations of a business by bringing their teams and customers to one place. Developers and marketers like you are facing hundreds of problems in transforming their physical business locations into digital ones. Getting a Real Estate CRM like the one from Sell.Do will improve productivity by automating 80% of daily tasks. Developers and agents will now get to focus entirely on improving their customer satisfaction rate and selling their products.

Benefits of Real Estate Digital Transactions

Sell.Do’s Real Estate CRM provides the following benefits to developers and customers:

  • Increased number of digital enquiries
  • Seamless payment for commercial and residential properties
  • A special customer service portal for buyers
  • A property e-commerce platform for facilitating the purchase of properties
  • The convenience of lead generation
  • Data sharing and team collaboration systems
  • Checking the performance metrics
  • Focusing on real-time reports to continue result-generating campaigns and marketing channels

A Collaboration Software for Real Estate

Developers have a hard time maintaining a tab of the number of properties in their inventory and their status. Manually updating the list of properties based on the recent customer transaction consumes more energy than required. Sell.Do facilitates a strong interface for managing inventory and its availability status based on real-time interaction of customers on the software. Online transactions are noted by the second and the software locks the concerned property for a customer depending on the payment status.

Through the customer portal, customers can lock a selected property by making the down payment and attaching bank loans. Developers and brokers could offer payment schemes and discounts for selected customers through the CRM. Based on the number of deals closed with discounts and schemes, a developer can get a real-time report of the numbers to understand the purchasing behaviour of their customers.

Sell.Do’s Transaction Management Portal has been designed and developed by specialists who have a detailed understanding of the Real Estate industry and its market requirements. The CRM encourages the customers to close the deal on a property before it sells out. Every commercial and residential space status is updated every second, and the software sends the purchasing details to the developer for further processing.


Get Sell.Do today for facilitating online transactions, paperwork, and document collection for your Real Estate business. You can request a demo to get a hint of the software’s working before purchasing it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the use of Real Estate CRM software?

    A Real Estate Customer Relationship Management software is a centralized platform to mainstream the operations of developers and brokers. Sell.Do is India’s first integrated platform for Real Estate that supports the daily operations of developers and brokers by:

    • Generating valuable insights through reports
    • Capturing customer data and generating leads based on the customer’s buying journey
    • Collaborating and sharing data with team members for seamless operations

  2. What is a Real Estate CRM?

    A Real Estate CRM is software that connects to the internet for managing the overall customer and in-house team experience of Real Estate businesses. It accumulates consumer data and streamlines it effectively and visually through reports that deliver a bird's-eye view of the developer’s administration and marketing strategies and their effectiveness.

  3. Is Sell.Do CRM difficult to learn?

    People of all ages can easily learn and use the Sell.Do CRM software. It has a customer service portal with a clutter-free and easily navigable interface where customers can get the required information regarding their commercial or residential properties. On this portal, they could also pay online for their purchases through a highly secured interface. Similarly, the developer’s end of the CRM comes with an easy-to-understand user interface that can be learned by exploring different software tabs.

  4. What are the benefits of Sell.Do Real Estate CRM software?

    Sell.Do’s Real Estate CRM software provides the benefits listed below for the developers and agents.

    • Captures and tracks lead generation opportunities for analysis of customer behaviour
    • Connects with websites and online networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to generate useful reports about your leads and sales strategies
    • Tracks campaign performances and capture the information regarding the demographics of your customers
    • Eases document generation
    • Provides online payment integration through a secured interface
    • Collects KYC documents through a private and secured server
    • Streamlines customer and developer interaction

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