Differences Between A Real Estate Lead Management Software And A CRM

Sales   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

It’s not easy to run and manage a business in today’s time due to increasing consumer demands. Their expectations are high as they look for a personalised experience, quality products and flawless services. The situation is no different in the Real Estate sector.

Leads play an important role in a business’s growth, as without them, there will be no revenue source. Developers and their sales & marketing teams work relentlessly to convert a prospect into a lead, and then nurture italong the various stages of the funnel. Managing various aspects of a lead and fulfilling their expectations can be a tough task for sales executives, but there is a respite for them in the form of lead management software.


One of the most standard features of a Real Estate CRM is lead management,which refers to capturing prospects’ attention, tracking their activities, nurturing and managing them as they become happy customers. A lead management software helps sales executives manage leads as they pass through the various stages of the sales funnel and aids brokers in making leads feel valued and preferred. Lead management software assists with the following stages of the sales funnel:

  1. Lead generation

     The software helps sales executives in figuring out prospective buyers by using various marketing tactics. Through blogs, social media posts, videos, email campaigns, ads, etc., the software shortlists leads that might be interested in the property.

  2. Lead capture

     The software records the data of those customers who have responded through various digital channels and this data is used for creating a sales lead.

  3. Lead filter and distribution

    The lead management software helps automate the distribution of leads among sales executives based on various pre-defined criteria such as property type, budget, location, etc., thereby increasing conversion chances.

  4. Lead nurturing

    Leads shortlisted through the above processes are nurtured further as they go through the different stages of the funnel with the lead nurturing process. The software helps to nurture leads through drip marketing campaigns, social media, blog content, etc., aiding the forging of a strong engagement between leads and sales executives throughout the cycle.

In a nutshell, lead management software helps generate and capture leads, nurture them, and make them paying customers. But the work for sales teams doesn’t end there. The lead management system features help businesses with the above processes, but there are many other aspects of the Real Estate sector that they require help with. This is where Real Estate CRM software comes into the picture.


The Real Estate CRM software powered by Sell.Do offers features that help developers to manage various aspects of the business, such as data management, lead management, marketing and sales forecasting. CRM is an entire ecosystem that comprises lead management as a major part. It offers various features for developers to handle their entire marketing, sales, and customer service workflows. The CRM lead management functionality in the Real Estate CRM helps modernise the entire lead management process and integrate it with other Real Estate verticals. The CRM lead management software offers the below advantages:

  1. Automation

     The automation feature of CRM helps to streamline various tasks of lead management and increases efficiency.

  2. Nurturing and ranking leads

     CRM aids the leads nurturing process by ranking and driving various campaigns throughout the sales journey of prospects.

  3. Faster responses

    The software, through autoresponders and chatbots, helps provide timely responses, making leads feel valued and at the same time, aiding Real Estate lead nurturing further.

Thus, CRM and lead management approaches work together but handle different areas. Without lead management, CRM will not have any customers to maintain relationships with. The other aspects of the CRM ecosystem hold equal importance in the functioning of Real Estate businesses.

Below are some of the additional CRM features and benefits offered by Sell.Do’s software:

  1. Marketing automation

     Sell.Do has designed this software that helps marketers in capturing leads, developing relationships and moving prospects through the sales funnel successfully. It consists of features such as email, social media, web marketing, multi-channel marketing and analytics. This automates the various processes such as social media posts, sending triggered emails and customer segmentation as per their actions.

  2. Data management

     CRM helps in organising sales and customer data into manageable parts. The raw data is categorised and developed in visualised forms that help in making key decisions. This allows users to quantify KPIs, identify pain points and arrive at data-driven decisions.

  3. Cloud telephony

    This functionality of Sell.Do’s CRM software offers a lot of flexibility to sales teams in managing communications with leads. It assists with reducing human intervention for communication, data scrutiny for analytics and tracking information from recorded conversations with leads from other channels. Cloud telephony helps strengthen communication and develop close bonds with leads.

Sell.Do’s CRM software is a one-stop solution for managing all Real Estate-related tasks. The CRM guides Real Estate businesses in streamlining their operations and get a viable edge over their competition through features such as marketing automation, lead management and cloud telephony. The lead management functionality offered by Sell.Do’s CRM tool captures, tracks and manages leads from various digital channels and maintains an alignment between sales and marketing teams.

So, if you are on the lookout for a CRM software to ease your lead management issues, contact Sell.Do today.

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Comments (3)

Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Priyanka Manerao posted almost 3 years ago

Does a CRM offer automatic lead capturing?

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Yes. Sell.Do provides auto lead-capture from multiple online platforms like Facebook, property portals, emails and more. - almost 3 years ago

Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Laxmi posted almost 3 years ago

Lead management alone will not help you win the digital real estate sales race

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Jenish posted almost 3 years ago

Can Sell.Do act as a sales automation software?

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Yes. Sell.Do offers a variety of pre sales, sales and post sales automation features, allowing you to automate the entire real estate sales funnel. - almost 3 years ago

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