Digital Marketing Beginner Guide For Real Estate Agents

Sales   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

Ask a real estate property buyer about top 10 real estate developers in India, and you’ll get a list of the 20 that are at least known to most of us. Yes, that’s right! Try it with your group of friends and colleagues. This is because regardless of the state of the industry, real estate developers have started building digital brands or brands that are widely accepted.


However, even today, real estate agents play an influential role in the re-selling property market because of their strong presence and market reach. But, equally valid is the fact that realtors often ignore the importance of branding. While there are only a couple of real estate consultants who have adapted to marketing and branding, they are usually ones who are not into actual property selling-reselling business. They focus more on land acquisition and other real estate investment consultation.

Here we have a Slideshare presentation for you, which is a beginner’s guide for real estate digital marketers. It aims to assist realtors in starting with a DIY digital marketing playbook.

Being a real estate CRM company, we have experts who understand both "Real Estate" and "Customer Relationship" through brand marketing. Exercise these tips, tricks & tools, realtors can create a brand that sells properties faster.

Real estate digital marketing master class for real estate agents from Sell.Do - Sales & Marketing Automation Platform

Myths about real estate digital marketing:

  1. Digital Marketing is expensive

    Firstly, in digital marketing, you have to get yourself listed as a broker or a firm on all digital or online platforms. Your website must be listed on Google, and you must have your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles updated.

    The only expense that one might incur at this stage will be for hosting a website. These charges may vary depending upon service providers and starts around INR 999 a year.


    So, having a digital presence does not cost you a single penny; only promotions do. Now, if one chooses to promote their brand through Google search ads, Facebook ads, and other social and digital platforms, your expenses are somewhere around INR 5000 a month for around 100 odd leads.

  2. You will need a big marketing team

    Again a BIG No! With a lot of free tools available in the market starting form web-designing to social posting and creative designing online, one can create and post ads by himself. All these tools are user-friendly and can be easily managed by a single person.

  3. Marketing is technical

    Marketing certainly has significant use of technology; however, this is not so technical that it cannot be managed. Marketing through digital channels came into the picture so that the entire marketing process becomes both cost effective and easy to execute. With the amount of data these channels provide, one can quickly gauge profoundly insightful and indicative buyer trends.

    After having served in the real estate industry for more than five years and interacting with realtors on an almost regular basis, we have created a digital playbook that real estate agents can use and start with their digital marketing efforts.

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Such an amazing article. I really impressed with this article. Keep sharing more amazing stuff.

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