Does Your CRM Support End-To-End Online Real Estate Sales? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

Sales   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has brought about a paradigm shift in the way consumers are seeking access to products and services - everything happens online these days. Stats suggest that the internet is the source of home sales for 51% of the users! This means even the real estate industry is in the race to catch up with bringing all its sales operations online with the help of real estate CRM software. Through the creation of online property portals, a real estate company can now advertise its inventory to a wider audience online.


The New Norm

Displaying properties and projects online through portals, interacting with consumers, and fixing up a physical appointment are certain activities in the real estate industry that have been facilitated with digitalization. According to the stats, 44% of homebuyers look for their next home online.

However, there is still one grey area that remains largely unaddressed - the online transactional capability on realtor portals.

Consumers today prefer online transactions as they are quicker, more convenient, and highly transparent. As they are already browsing properties online, the need for purchase comes in naturally as the next step. In such a situation, not being able to cater to this consumer preference can pose the risk of losing potential sales and leads.

The marked switch in consumer behaviour from wanting to "meet" a realtor to wanting to purchase a home online calls for a complete overhaul in how a property business approaches its sales. This fact leads to a very important question: does your real estate CRM support online e-commerce?

The Need for Transaction Management Overhaul

While other industries have completely assimilated the online-first mode of sales, property businesses still grapple with the post-pandemic reality.

Employing generic CRMs does give a realtor the flexibility to list their properties online; however, when it comes to facilitating transactions and completing a sale, such CRMs fall short of the finish line.

real estate businesses thus need to deploy feasible and effective solutions so that an end-to-end solution for the sales operation of the business can be implemented. This includes the integration of smart transaction tools with the property portals so that consumers are given the option to swiftly seal a deal. In short, merely utilising CRM software to handle property portals is no longer enough - there is a need to see beyond the boundaries of the software and effectuate a holistic sales process.


When a CRM is capable of online collaboration with the buyers of a property, the entire sales bubble for a company is transformed into an automated and high-performance entity.

Sell.Do, equipped with functionalities that enable online sales transactions, ties the loose ends together, completing the sales loop for a real estate business. Sell.Do is India's only fully integrable real estate CRM software that enhances the online business dealings of a business.

Online Collaboration and E-Commerce Integration With Sell.Do

Sell.Do facilitates more than just online payment in the sales operations of any real estate business. Here is a list of some useful features of this software that make the sales bubble of a business complete:

  1. Customer Portal

    Sell.Do connects a business with its consumers directly through a consumer portal - a webpage designed to be used by the customer through a login ID and password.

    This portal provides a customer with all the necessary information and tools required to complete a purchase and post-sales formalities. In this manner, Sell.Do eliminates long turnaround times and enables direct communication between a consumer and the brand.

  2. EOI and Launch Campaigns

    Every realtor has multiple active projects at any given point of time. Managing these projects simultaneously can get overwhelming with handling EOIs, appointments, launch events, etc. Sell.Do provides automated tools to handle pre-bookings, launch calendars, appointments and marketing campaigns in a sorted manner.

  3. E-Commerce and Transaction Management

    Reimagine property sales with Sell.Do's e-commerce capabilities that equip businesses with the full online shopping experience for their customers - shopping cart, various payment methods, negotiations, offers, discounts, etc.

    Everything is integrated with your CRM on a unified, categorised and highly sorted database. Avoid customer dissatisfaction by preventing double booking through Sell.Do's real-time listing updates.

  4. Online and Offline Payments

    While online payment preferences are on the rise, some consumers still wish to be able to pay offline through other modes. Sell.Do's offline transaction friendliness reflects in included offline transaction options such as cheques, RTGS, and more.

    Through OCR scanning, clients can easily upload cheques and schedule a pick-up. In addition, Sell.Do also sends payment reminders periodically to help consumers never miss an installment.

  5. Bank and Loan Integrations

    Realtors usually have a banking partner on board to assist payments in case of consumers that wish to avail property loans.

    Integration of banking processes on the CRM platform allows for swift loan assimilation into the customer profile while handling KYC verification formalities simultaneously on the CRM platform.

    This enables a seamless purchasing experience for the customer and a clutter-free sales operation for the seller.

The Takeaway

Evolution is inevitable. Bettering consumer satisfaction from a brand is assisted greatly and majorly by implementing innovative technological solutions. In the real estate industry, this translates to thinking beyond pure CRM and venturing into holistic solutions. Sell.Do is one such software for all your real estate CRM needs, end-to-end.

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