Nurture Various Real Estate Leads?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

As all big names in the real estate businesses have moved online, generating and nurture leads by implementing several online marketing strategies has become easier.

Although lead generation is a crucial element in real estate lead nurturing, real estate businesses must understand that it is not the only step to produce achievable results in terms of sales and revenue. Lead categorization and scoring based on relevance and conversion potential help in allocating resources to nurture the leads further and are as vital as lead generation.


Top 4 Categories in real estate Lead Nurturing Process

The vital stage of the process is to classify leads into four categories and determine the steps for nurturing them. real estate sales teams must focus on leads and classify them depending on their preferred timeframe for moving into their desired property. The lead categorization is as follows-

  1. Hot Leads

    Hot leads are those leads that plan to move in anywhere between zero to thirty days. Because they have a clear requirement, hot leads require the least amount of nurturing. Mostly, they look for a buyer consultation (with a mortgage lender) or maybe a listing consultation. The sales team should keep contacting them at least three times a week using communication channels like calling, texting, meeting, and appointments. The team should look for scheduling several appointments, that could be either a buyer consultation, listing presentation, or mortgage lender, etc.

    The Sell.Do CRM lead management software automates the lead capturing process through lead forms integrated with a website, emails, social media, and other digital campaigns. The hot leads' data is gathered automatically for analysis and tracking. Furthermore, the Website interaction-based automation feature helps in the lead scoring build-up, indicating to the salesperson that the lead is hot and immediate attention is required.

  2. Warm Leads

    Such leads have interacted with the company's sales team earlier to inquire, seek advice, or gain housing market information. They plan to move in thirty to ninety days. The sales team should engage with them by switching between phone calls and text messages weekly. The focus should be on upgrading them from 'Warm' to 'Hot' leads to improve the probability of conversion. The subject matter of communication could be a revision of their listing auto-alert criteria, display of a specific property, mortgage rate changes, housing market changes, to name a few.

    The Sell.Do real estate CRM offers state-of-the-art calling infrastructure with several features like-

    • Built-in Voicemail, IVR & Greetings for smooth customer experience
    • Automated lead distribution through intelligent call routing
    • Click-to-call option for the sales team to place calls from within the system

    Apart from this, it provides smart marketing solutions for SMS to nurture leads. The excellent SMS features include-

    • Transactional and Promotional SMS to reach out to your leads at exactly the right time. Moreover, it allows the salesperson to schedule and automate them based on workflows.
    • Automated nurture flows to target the leads based on their category. For efficient nurturing with the least effort, teams can use standardised SMSes into those flows.
  3. Luke-warm Leads

    Such leads plan to move in three to nine months. The right strategy to engage with them would be a phone call, text, or email every two weeks. The sales team should stay in contact with them with efforts laid into upgrading them to the 'warm' or 'hot' leads category. The subject matter of conversation is pretty much the same as that with Warm leads.

    The Sell.Do real estate CRM software offers workflow automation features like-

    • Automate emails and SMS for easier one-time communication.
    • Create auto-scheduled follow-ups based on sales events to have command over the lead pipeline and improve conversion rate.
    • Auto-schedule tasks with deadlines and receive reminders on delays so that the lead engagement rate isn't compromised.
  4. Cold Leads

    Individuals with whom the sales team has already initiated contact are known as cold leads. These leads haven't expressed a need or an interest in the business services. Such people arrive at the business website principally through clicking on an online ad or a social media post. Such leads plan to move in nine to eighteen months. The appropriate engagement strategy with them would be scheduling alternate calls, emails, text messages, etc. Again, the focus should be to revise their lead categories to upper levels of 'Hot' or 'Warm' leads. Sales teams can establish a connection with them using check-in emails, information updates on property listing revisions, mortgage rate changes, housing market changes, etc., through an email newsletter, SMS follow-ups, or phone calls.

    Sell.Do CRM provides the complete call-centre experience on the go with On-premise & Cloud Telephony support for effective interaction with cold leads in person. CloudTelephony assure that the maximum number of such leads get captured and engaged with salespeople who can work remotely. Moreover, all the lead data and call recordings get automatically stored in the system to generate insights for conversion.



The reason why only a few real estate sales reps succeed in driving sales throughout the year is that they have a knack for connecting with people and paying attention to what they want. Businesses should not make the novice error of squandering nurturing possibilities by overselling or eagerness dealings or ignoring the "hot" leads. It's the sales team that has to decide when it's the appropriate time to deal with a prospect. With the Sell.Do real estate CRM everything can become convenient and streamlined right from first interaction till conversion and closing of deals.

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