Features That Enable Seamless And Contactless Property Sales

Sales   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Today, you will find that many Real Estate Developers have taken the digital leap and are encouraging homebuyers towards the online purchase of properties. This virtualization of processes has made property buying convenient and hassle-free for both buyers and sellers.

Specific features that can make the transition

The transformation in technology is enabling Real Estate developers to adopt new processes. All prospective clients want to do the whole process digitally as they are still a bit hesitant to visit the property. With rising customer demand for new homes, it is the need of the hour for Real Estate developers to adapt to digital transformation; else, they will fall behind in the race.


In addition, homebuyers prefer digital platforms to find properties, do some research, identify options, make virtual and/or physical site visits, and make payments.

With a push from homebuyers and the advancement of technology for real estate, the industry on its way to digital transformation.

Here are the most prefered features that have made digital transformation a reality for buyers and sellers:

  1. Virtual Tours

    Homebuyers can view the prospective property virtually. This offers a clear 3-dimensional virtual site visit without being there physically. This helps homebuyers to explore the property freely without any constraints such as time, distance, or visiting hours. Most of all, the process is safe and convenient and is carried out with utmost transparency.

  2. Browsing options

    Before homebuyers get started with the actual purchase process, they need to browse through a variety of property options, along with finance related options for loans, tax savings etc. All this has become more safe and convenient with digital platforms.

  3. The Digitization of Documents

    Buying a house requires detailed document verification to avoid problems in the future. Before COVID-19, sellers used to provide hard copies that were checked by the buyers or their representatives. In today’s time, the world is adopting digital pathways where all the required paperwork is uploaded online. Contactless sales are safer, feasible, and transparent.

  4. Automated Homebuying Experience

    All the procedures in buying and selling a house, such as follow-ups, data sharing, and customer support, are getting automated. Some of the best Real Estate CRM can help developers automate their processes, ensuring saving time and money, and increasing efficiency.

  5. Channel Partner Integration

    Connecting with channel partners and partner businesses via online platforms can streamline the entire sales and incentive process, making it easier for channel partners to close deals faster and rake in more revenue in viable timeframes

    Transformation can be easy. Adopting new technology is the key for developers who’ve operated with a traditional business model all these years. Sell.Do can be the tech enabler for such organizations.

Sell.Do - India’s preferred PropTech platform

The Real Estate CRM software Sell.Do can help developers effectively automate their pre-sales, sales, and marketing functions. Moreover, the CRM can help in managing multiple projects across multiple locations from one integrated solution.

Conclusion with CTA

Sell.Do is designed exclusively for the Indian Real Estate Industry and ensures that you match customers requirements with changing times. So, if you are a Real Estate developer who wants to take property selling to the next level, contact Sell.Do today!

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