Features Vs Functionality: #Thinkbeyondcrm With Custom CRM

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

According to this survey, there are almost 400 CRMs in the market today, which leads to a crucial question: which one is the best solution for your business?

The CRM Universe

The CRM market, especially in the real estate industry, has grown at a mind-boggling rate (at the end of 2018, the growth in this sector alone was 15.6%). This fact alone goes to say that customer relationship management has become the focal point of digitalisation and automation in the real estate business. With about 400 different real estate CRMs available to choose from, it is rather difficult to assess the best one fit to drive sales for your business.


While selecting a CRM with tons of features sounds like a good decision, it may not be the best choice for your business. Most of the CRMs, although equipped with automation features, are not customisable where needed.

Each business has its own unique workflow and work environment. The benchmark for selecting a real estate CRM software should be its ability to configure to the unique business needs and the ease of implementation - the capability of a CRM to be assimilated completely into the workflow of your company instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

The Need For Customizability

The capability of a CRM to blend into the background at a company while still being able to augment all the processes with efficiency and smoothness is what makes it a good CRM. The real estate industry is a multilayered, complicated realm. There are aspects of a business that need frontline attention, while some can be handled by software in the back-end. All of these activities, when combined, lead to sales.

In order to truly boost real estate sales, companies need exclusive CRM software that is designed keeping the nuances of the real estate industry in mind. Such CRM would then be capable of providing solutions and customisations that make sense for serious business in the real estate market instead of delivering a software that is generalised for the masses.

Generic CRMs, while feature-rich, fail to provide important customisations that allow a property business to truly leverage the power of automation and end-to-end solutions. The importance of configuration and customisation in workflows is understood in the following aspects of a real estate business:

  • Workflow automation: Based on the protocol a business follows, a good CRM should be able to customise the automation of lead communications, sales team tasking and follow-ups.
  • Collaboration: A good real estate CRM offers tools of teamwork between sales and marketing teams,and also allows the onboarding of Channel Partners and associates onto the platform.
  • Sales automation: While a typical CRM would have the option to automate the major processes of the sales funnel, a good CRM offers automation of the entire sales funnel, coupling it with marketing automation to generate as many real estate sales as possible.
  • Lead management: This aspect, if handled right, has the potential to greatly impact a company's bottom line. A generic CRM does offer basic functionality to keep the leads data sorted; however, an exclusive CRM offers customised lead reports, flagging, tagging and team collaboration capabilities to help a business provide exceptional customer service.

In addition, if there is a process that a brand has pioneered or reinvented, a CRM should have features that are able to accommodate it. Such a sophisticated, custom CRM can be truly said to be an asset to a business, and Sell.Do brings unmatched customizability to the real estate industry.

India's only fully-integrated solution for real estate CRM, Sell.Do is a multiple award-winning CRM solution that focuses on the needs of a business, and offers features that resonate with the brand requirement.

Why consider Sell.Do?

A CRM solution that is designed with the specific needs of the real estate niche in mind, Sell.Do offers endless customizations to a company. It is a CRM software that offers full integration with workflows and end-to-end solutions for each department of a company. Sell.Do, being an intelligent software offers process automations and can be tailored to fit the needs of any brand. It isn't the typical run-of-the-mill CRM with standard features and functionalities; Sell.Do sports a unified, universal dashboard that condenses business data into concise, readable and accessible forms for easy retrieval and analysis.


The integration power of Sell.Do allows a business to deploy the software within seven days of setup, minimising limbo time and optimising training curriculums for staff through onboarding sessions integrated on the platform itself.

The Takeaway

The real estate industry, like every other industry, has its own specific needs - and so does every name in this business. Making do with generic real estate CRM software may be costing your business a lot of sales. Sell.Do offers a solution to all of these issues with its efficiency and specificity-focused functionality, ensuring that a brand gets a made-to-order CRM solution that is complete and comprehensive, with nothing more needed.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Shradha posted over 2 years ago

CRM implementation can be very expensive.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Nupur posted over 2 years ago

What makes a custom CRM so much better?

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A custom-made CRM like Sell.Do is designed especially for the real estate industry. That means to get to leverage powerful features at a low cost and implement the software in a reasonable budget. - over 2 years ago

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