Search To Purchase: How Real Estate Developers Can Engage Customers Digitally

Marketing   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

In today’s rapidly transforming world, virtually every business is embracing digital technologies to reach the top spot in its respective industry. Even in a traditional and labor-intensive sector like Real Estate, the adoption of technology has been staggering. Almost every business has its own Real Estate CRM today.

Sell.Do is one of the best CRM for Real Estate that has helped several real-estate firms to manage their customer engagement like a pro.


Real Estate businesses are also crafting various customer engagement strategies that elevate their customers’ experiences and reduce the efforts involved in attracting and engaging customers. From showcasing sample plots virtually to booking a house online, the Real Estate industry has come a long way from where it was a decade ago.

How Are Home Buyers Evolving Today?

Technology has altered the way we live today. More importantly, it has changed our expectations and needs drastically. The onset of COVID-19 modified the ecosystem even further. Real-estate customers no longer wish to visit hundreds of plots to finalize one, ultimately. They prefer doing the comparison and research right from the comfort of their homes, and only see the property at the end.

There are some customers who want to see a potential house on their mobile through VR, whereas there are others who want to make the payment online. Ultimately, you cannot take away the digital part out of your customer interaction in the real-estate industry anymore.

How to Engage Customers Digitally?

  1. Digital marketing campaigns

    Engage your customers by frequently posting images, videos, and brochures on your social media channels. Having a strong presence on social media can help your organization keep the customers well informed and active. You can also regularly conduct ad campaigns that can help you get many new leads for your business. Not only that, you can integrate your marketing strategy with a Real Estate CRM tool to help you get the best out of your digital marketing efforts.

  2. Property portals

    You can also attract more customers and increase your customer engagement by designing a property portal. In such platforms, the customers can view multiple houses, compare their prices, and shortlist one or two homes. However, to make the purchase seamless, the customers should also be given an option to book the place through the portal and make the payment.

  3. Virtual walkthroughs and drone shoots

    You can shoot videos of the property using a drone camera. You can also cover the entire locality and nearby facilities to help the customers make the purchase decision. When it comes to interiors, you can always shoot a 360-degree video and use VR technology to help the customers experience the house’s design and aesthetics without visiting it.

  4. Virtual assistance in home loans

    Ask any recent home buyers, and nine out of ten will agree to the fact that getting approval for a home loan is the biggest hurdle when it comes to purchasing a new home. To ease this process, Real Estate developers can virtually assist customers through chatbots and other tailor-made apps. These tools can answer all questions and guide the customers towards a successful home loan sanction.

  5. User-friendly documentation

    To reduce manual efforts various tools help prepare documentation in the language of your choice with minimal human intervention. Also, digital documentation is the new normal and is slowly replacing traditional paper-based documentation. So, go paperless and reduce printing costs that come along with paper-based documents.


Technology has transformed the landscape of the Real Estate industry drastically. It has helped businesses to engage in digital transformation and improve their sales and customer engagement. Embracing technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for both the customers and the businesses.

Begin your digital transformation today with Sell.Do – the best CRM for Real Estate.

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