Benefits and Features of a Quickly Deployable Real Estate CRM

CRM   |   Updated on: 11 June 2024

Customer Relationship Management is a process that Real Estate companies use to understand their buyers and respond to instantly shifting customer desires. Real Estate CRM Software allows firms to collect and manage large amounts of customer data and strategize for project management.

Benefits of CRM software

Real Estate CRM Software can be On-Premise CRM or Cloud-Based CRM, and it plays a prominent role in the industry. The main benefits of CRM software are:

  1. Lead Management System

    Lead Management System

    A Real Estate CRM Software focuses on the lead base. It helps in understanding CRM and grouping of leads data to manage sales and marketing processes better by categorizing customers into current or past clients, cold or warm leads, and dissatisfied or satisfied or highly-satisfied clients.

  2. Contact Management

    Contact Management

    Real Estate CRM Software focuses on storing the customer data and recording the client's conversation with the sales CRM executive. This monitors client interaction and improves sales, leveraging extensive data. 

  3. Email Management

    Email Management

    Helps you send emails, newsletters to clients and update them with recent Real Estate news. Through email management, you can share with them newly listed properties and the latest article.

  4. Sales CRM Automation

    Sales CRM Automation

    Sales automation includes sales and report generation that provide information about their sales CRM process.

  5. Mobile Compatibility

     Mobile Compatibility

    The mobility feature of the CRM in the Real Estate Industry enables sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access information from wherever they are. 

The 5 biggest challenges real estate agents face in CRM installation and customising CRM In Real Estate Industry.

The real estate industry is reeling on all sides and facing several issues like volatile markets, shifting political climates, rising mortgage rates, environmental change, and evolving technology trends.


During CRM installation, agents make mistakes on:

  • Implementing CRM In Real Estate Industry before creating a customer strategy
  • Rolling out CRM In Real Estate Industry without ensuring staff and organisation compatibility
  • Assuming that more the CRM tools and technology is better
  • Stalking customers with intrusive nurturing

A list of the most critical challenges that real estate agents invariably face are:

  1. Low Inventory while CRM installation

     Low Inventory while CRM installation

    Agents face this crucial challenge of finding listings in a low-inventory market. New agents, with their lack of experience find it challenging to engage sellers. Therefore, it is recommended for agents to shift their focus and expand their sphere of influence. For this, they can depend on referrals which are the best source of leads in any market. They can also interview local business owners and publish it as a blog article, video, or live stream it on social media.

  2. Growing Online Competition from the Major Listing Portals 

    Growing Online Competition from the Major Listing Portals 

    The proliferation of apps and the growing popularity of listing portals have limited the role of the Real Estate agent. Digital advertising will become less effective, and social networks will be crucial for finding referrals. The agents should launch an effective website or blog to compete with the more seasoned agents in the area.

  3. Adapting to Technology Trends during CRM installation 

    Adapting to Technology Trends during CRM installation

    Many new Real Estate agents have a hard time coping with the technological advancements like privacy policies, data security, algorithm updates, SEO best practices, marketing automation, and SMART home technology.

  4. Costly Lead Generation

    Costly Lead Generation

    Social media networks are reaching worldwide saturation, where digital advertising is becoming more expensive, in turn yielding lower ROI for agents. In most cases, the auction-based CPC lead generation can be volatile and inflate the budget. Agents must focus on building organic traffic by using the appropriate keywords and implementing metadata to enhance their visibility in search results.

  5. Cultivating a Database in CRM installation 

    Cultivating a Database in CRM installation

    Cultivating a database and staying in constant touch with leads and referrals is yet another hurdle. Inexperienced agents focus just on the sale and fail to follow up with clients after the transaction. To avoid this, they should automate their email delivery marketing and stay in touch with their clients. This is been proven to be a less time-consuming and more affordable alternative that requires minimal technical expertise. – a specially designed CRM expert for the Real Estate Industry

Sell.Do is a Real Estate CRM built specifically keeping in mind the processes and hurdles faced in the Real Estate industry.

Here are some of the reasons why its the perfect CRM for taking your Real Estate business to the next level.

Sell.Do, the best CRM software, helps you go live in 7 days and then continues to provide onboarding support for 30 days to ensure user’s complete understanding of the product.


The process involves:

  • Functionality, benefits of CRM software, and features of Sell.Do

    • Sales Automation that empowers the sales teams to sell better and faster
    • Lead Management
    • Pre-Sales and Call Center features Workflow Automation, Team Collaboration, and Process Management functions  
    • Omni-Channel Communication that lets the brokers connect with their leads first and fast
    • Inventory Management that lets them gain complete visibility over existing and upcoming inventory through Sell.Do 
    • Marketing Automation that enables intelligent marketing automation
    • Online E-Commerce, Payments, and Collaboration that enhances customer experience through online transactions
    • Post Sales services that enable hassle-free and error-free post-sales management
  • 30-day Onboarding Process – Sets up the account for maximum effectiveness

    • Customised Sales & Call-Center Training which enables the sales team to make the most of the product
    • Digital Classroom Trainings to help acquaint the team with digital marketing and selling
    • Agency Onboarding for Campaign Tracking to track marketing campaigns
    • Access to Fully Customised Reports
    • Get support from domain experts
    • Strong Support SLAs, Dedicated Account Manager, and Escalation Matrix


An effective real estate CRM software such as Sell.Do, stores all the client information in one centralized database, making it accessible to all the real estate professionals. This Real Estate CRM Software automates the real estate marketing and sales process and thus, strengthens the customer relation by easing the task of closing deals.

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