Importance Of CRM In Real Estate Digital Marketing

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Gone are the days when people had to depend on local agents and newspapers for information on the best Real Estate properties. Nowadays, millennials just do a quick search on the internet to find out the details of the best properties in their localities, their price, and even feedback from first-hand customers who bought a similar property.


Acknowledging the importance of digital marketing for the growth of their business, Real Estate developers are embracing it with both hands. To get more out of digital channels, developers are providing complete information regarding property such as pricing, contact details, and even 3D floor plans online so that prospects can explore the property from the comfort of their home and make quick decisions. Such initiatives have made digital marketing one of the quickest ways of generating leads in this sector.

Digital marketing is an effective medium that allows developers to reach the target audience in no time. But its full potential can only be leveraged by the right tools. An effective and comprehensive digital marketing tool is expected to assist them in all these endeavours by taking leads from inquiry to purchase seamlessly. The answer to this is CRM in the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate CRM software stores prospect’s information in the database, automates various marketing and sales processes that strengthen customer relationships, and increases conversion chances. Furthermore, Real Estate CRM also brings sales, marketing, and customer support activities under one umbrella. It streamlines the processes and assists Real Estate businesses in their day-to-day activities such as tracking conversations with leads, updating prospect info in a database, regular follow-up with clients, etc.

CRM and its importance for Real Estate businesses can be understood through the following key aspects:

  • Marketing automation

    Marketing automation

    Marketing automation tools help capture prospect’s interests via various digital channels, handle lead generation, and nurture leads through different online mediums. CRM helps on the sales side of the business, managing qualified leads as they go through multiple stages of the funnel. Thus, a tool such as CRM marketing automation software. which offers combined functionality of CRM and marketing automation, is a big help for Real Estate developers. The tool helps developers bring marketing and sales teams on the same page and work in tandem. Through this tool, the marketing team can gather customer’s information about buying patterns from various digital channels and share the data with the sales team, further nurturing the leads.

  • Communication


    The Real Estate industry is driven by strong communication between sales teams and prospects, and CRM software plays a vital role in strengthening that relationship. The CRM in the Real Estate industry captures the past conversation between prospects and sales representatives from various digital mediums and saves it in its database. These notes become quite useful when they follow up with prospects as they are better prepared to understand the prospect’s requirement.

    A Real Estate CRM provides leads with various online real-time reports and marketing materials such as brochures and eBooks, helping them understand the product better and make an informed decision. Another benefit of CRM is automated functionality such as virtual assistant bots that are always available to answer generic queries of prospects, ensuring they feel valued and nurtured.

  • Lead capture

    Lead capture

    Sales teams can get inquiries from various online sources - website, social media, email, etc. Capturing the details of these prospects and manually maintaining the entry in excel can be a challenging task. It is also possible for them to miss out on an entry, leading to a leak of the lead through the funnel and revenue loss. But they have respite in the form of CRM lead management software.

    The tool makes the team efficient by automatically capturing prospects’ info from various digital channels, updating it in the database, assigning a sales representative for each lead, and prioritizing the leads of higher importance. This ensures that no lead is leaked through the funnel, and the sales team can focus on working with prospects rather than doing manual entry.

  • Email campaign

    Email campaign

    An email campaign is an important characteristic of Real Estate digital marketing to nurture newly acquired leads and build a strong relationship with them. Through emails, sales representatives can inform prospects about upcoming projects as well as capture their attention by showering offers. CRM marketing automation software is a big help to developers in this aspect as it automates functionalities such as drip campaigns by sending regular emails to prospects in a short span to keep them on the hook. Automating email campaigns highlight the importance of CRM in the marketing process, making it a must-have for Real Estate businesses to stay ahead of their peers.

    From lead generation to conversion, Sell.Do’s Real Estate CRM software can assist developers and their sales teams in various day-to-day tasks for digital sales and marketing. It’s a state-of-the-art CRM lead management software that helps agents track the status of leads as they progress through various stages in the funnel. If you are looking for a CRM tool to simplify digital marketing processes for the above activities and take your business to the next level, contact Sell.Do today for a free demo.

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