Importance Of Real Estate CRM Software For Detailed Reports

CRM   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

A real estate company works with a large amount of data. They rely on accurate data to launch an impactful campaign which enables them to find more effective ways to make sales with increased precision.

Considering the fact that handling such large sets of data can be challenging, they make use of proficient Real Estate CRM Software. Such software deals with a vast amount of data simultaneously to make decision-making easier.


CRM is capable of dealing with such amounts of data since it has tools that make the marketing process automated. It is also capable of capturing leads from various sources and can even run paid ads.

With the help of an advanced Real Estate CRM like that of Sell.Do you can get your hands on a wide range of tools to get detailed and in-depth reports.

Here, we discuss the importance of working with detailed reports in Real Estate and how one can do so with Real Estate CRM Software.

What is the importance of CRM Reporting?

Real Estate CRM can help in the growth of many businesses and help them perform better. Here, we have mentioned the importance of CRM Reporting to render you a clear idea.

  • First and foremost, it helps them to stay updated about what is happening in the business.
  • With the help of the data provided by the reports, one can make strategic business decisions.
  • Besides, managers can look into the performance and make the necessary changes accordingly.

Overall, CRM Reporting is quite popular among stakeholders, managers, sales representatives, investors, executives, etc. That's because it can efficiently help each of these individuals. Here's how it can do so:

  • With the help of Real Estate CRM Software, a sales representative can check the pipeline and make any decisions for the efforts accordingly.
  • Investors can keep track of their investments and review any acquisitions.
  • Executives can check on the success of their strategies and see if it's working or not.
  • The middle manager can see the team's performance and utilise the data to pass it to the senior managers. It can then help them to make any changes accordingly.

How Can CRM Reporting Help a Business?

When it comes to different types of CRM Reporting, you are likely to find many. Each of them provides a detailed insight into areas of business activities. CRMs also help create customised and out-of-the-box reporting. Here's how the CRM project report can help:

  1. Sales Report

    Sales Report

    Tracking the sales metric is an essential task for any Real Estate business. That's because sales cycles can become quite lengthy. Here, using a Real Estate CRM can help create useful reports to comprehend the sales team's performance and track their activities.

    Besides, with so much work, a sales report can help to keep people on track. Now, a contact report can enable the sales representative to view the sales database contact. This includes different sections like jobs, sectors, engagement level, last contact dates, etc.

    This information can be utilised for a detailed analysis of contacts that the sales representatives can further use to find opportunities. In simple terms, they can get an idea about a particular company as they have access to the contacts of employees working there through Real Estate CRM Software.

    It also renders a sales funnel report with all the deals in the sales section. Overall, the sales team will know where they should be rendering efforts.More than that, a revenue report will help to comprehend where the revenue originates from. If you are generating leads from a particular platform, you can identify the same through these reports.

    Wins and Losses Reports through Real Estate CRM Software also assist the business in comprehending the losing and winning deals. It helps to comprehend the team's performance with all the targets and industry benchmarks.

  2. Profitability Reports

    Profitability Reports

    Profitability reports are focused on the revenue by customers. It is helpful for the people who use account-based marketing to generate revenues from their clients. Apart from that, it also helps to know their value, in general. A customer that doesn't make much revenue and needs management can have overall low profitability.

    It can further help the business to make strategic decisions regarding its processes. They can also emphasise account-based marketing efforts. One will be able to decide whether a particular business is worth putting some effort into or not. Hence, it can help to make important business decisions with the help of the information provided.

  3. Sales Forecast

    Sales Forecast

    A sales forecast is quite important. It can be used to enhance the report accuracy by 40%. It helps a business to achieve proper planning and get resources in the correct area.

    If a business can know that it will have a certain amount of capital in three months, then key capital investments can be made accordingly. However, a wrong forecast can show that they are spending money unnecessarily.

    Accuracy is certainly important, which can be quite difficult to make without Real Estate CRM Software. Thus, accuracy is certainly the key, and the sales team should work to render the same for the business.

  4. Progress Report

    Goal Progress Report

    The reports consist of activities from different areas like sales, marketing, as well as customer support. It usually checks on the key metric and the business performance against it. A goal progress report in sales renders a report that identifies the percentage of proposals that might generate signed deals. It also helps to know the customer lifetime value.

    Likewise, customer service reports provide an overview of all customer service requests and the time taken for the business to answer the support tickets, which allows you to identify areas for improvement and, most importantly, make sure your customers' expectations are well met.

Role of CRM in Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is useful for marketers to automate distinct processes like sending and posting email campaigns and social media posts, respectively. In short, it helps in producing and promoting content.

It also provides a detailed insight into reports and analytics related to leads. For example, the leads that are generated on visiting the website, opening an email, filling up forms and through blogs need to be nurtured and be converted into a sales qualified lead.


CRM software helps in tracking customer data, purchase records, and email. When both marketing automation and CRM work together, your visitor can become your customer service.

By integration of CRM and Automation Marketing Software, you will get a better idea regarding customer interaction with the organisation. Besides, you will also know about the history of the customer.

Overall, the software together can help your sales teams have the relevant information to close a deal. Here are some of the perks your team can get with the blend of both

  • Get qualified leads
  • Unification of data management
  • Enhances customer relationship
  • Renders better visibility to both the marketing and sales team
  • The sales process gets short
  • Intensified pipeline Management
  • Cross-department relationships

Wondering which CRM software to opt for? Sell.Do's is the answer for you. With customisable CRM reports, the software will help you get a clear idea regarding performance, revenue, sales productivity, and more. It is the best software to make decisions for better business growth and process optimization. Its features are certainly going to benefit your real estate organisation.


To summarise, these are some of the reasons you need detailed CRM analysis reports in Real Estate. Real Estate CRM Sell.Do’s Real Estate CRM Software is an exclusive solution that can provide detailed reports in a few simple steps. It has one of the most interactive CRM dashboards that helps make important decisions in the Real Estate business.

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