How CRM Helps Manage Post-Sales Consumer Engagement

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

It is of utmost importance to maintain a cordial relationship with your contacts and customers after conducting a sale, especially in the Real Estate Business. A solid Real Estate CRM software enables brokers and agents to deliver post sales services to buyers to provide the best customer experience and to help them overcome any challenges they may face with the purchase.

Post Sales management ensures customer loyalty through a sound Real Estate CRM software that outlays a robust post-sales process for any Real Estate business.

Why post sales?

A post sales support process of Real Estate business is a series of tasks that are performed by sales teams, agents, and brokers to provide assistance/support after the customer has bought the product or service.


Let us look at the reasons why post sales services are imperative for a seamless customer experience and long-term association in Real Estate.

  • Purchase of the property is not the end goal. Ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a relationship is crucial too.
  • Post sales services after selling the property, strengthen the relationship of the Real-Estate firm with its customers, guarantee consumer satisfaction, and provide excellent post sales support.
  • It builds the reputation of the Real estate business and enhances the customer’s opinion of the company and its brand. This results in positive word of mouth and influential recommendations to other prospective customers.
  • It is substantial for the Real Estate Brokers to provide after-sales service after estimating the entire sales process and evaluating the target audience and the product. It eliminates redundancy and keeps the seller updated with the latest choices, demands, and preferences of customers.
  • It enables the Real Estate industry to be in sync with the fast and constantly changing e-commerce industry, providing the best customer experience to all.

Post-Sales Process

  1. Product Support

    It is of paramount importance to explain the in and out of the Real Estate deal that has been closed and provide the most minute details about the property to provide after sales service to customers. This empowers the customer to understand it better and maximizes the value of the Real Estate business. This can be done by:

    • Creating a resource page on the Real Estate website specifically for the property or land.
    • Focusing on benefits of property support.
    • Updating and communicating a clear, concise, and full-fledged refund and return policy.
    • Getting back to property support inquiries as soon as possible.
    • Providing assistance for basic information about the property like interior work, offering guidance on internal plumbing and electrical work, and giving constructive feedback to customers about making modifications to the existing construction.
  2. Customer Service

    Customer service is the most important process which takes care of the needs of the customers while providing and delivering valuable assistance to them before, during, and after the customers’ requirements are met.

    • It covers pre-sales, closing of the property deal, and post sales support process. The Customer service provides post sales assistance when the customer has assessed the quality of the property that he has bought and the service received from the Real Estate company. This encourages repeat sales and promotes marketing through word of mouth.
    • Satisfied customers are loyal advocates who will also give the Real Estate businesses honest and constructive feedback on the services provided through Real Estate CRM software.
    • The CRM further helps customers with documentation, stamp duty, registration, and other vital documentation.
  3. Gathering Customer Feedback

    Getting customer feedback, reviews, ratings, and testimonials help the organization know customers better, evaluate the entire experience and incorporate necessary changes in the process, product, and customer service for customer satisfaction.

  4. Evaluation

    The post-sales process should end in self-assessment. Otherwise, all the efforts of providing a great customer experience will be naught. Time should be taken out periodically to evaluate and analyze the post sales support process. Data should be evaluated to assess the property, provide relevant information and guidance to the customer, and give out complete information about the entire sales process, to the target audience to influentially provide after sales service.

About the Post Sales Services provided by Sell.Do

Sell.Do is a single solution platform for end-to-end Real Estate automation. Getting on with Sell.Do enables Real Estate brokers to improve collaboration between the stakeholders and brings them onto a single platform with features and amenities to manage the whole customer lifecycle.


Sell.Do Real Estate CRM software improves Customer Experience and builds a strong Brand Reputation, leveraging technology and deploying it for a seamless customer journey.

Post Sales assistance by Sell.Do, the Real Estate CRM

  1. Easy bookings and effective Customer Management with Sell.Do

    Sell.Do makes it easier for brokers and agents to imbibe the features of post sales and divert their energy and efforts towards new leads. The agents must coordinate and communicate with the newly acquired consumers and provide after sales service.

  2. Effortless demand letter management with Sell.Do

    Sell.Do equips the sales teams with automation features that reduce manual tasks. With just a few clicks, demand letters and follow-up communications can be sent out to customers enabling a positive customer experience and satisfaction.

  3. Online and offline payments, ledger creation, and generation of receipts with Sell.Do

    Sell.Do’s payment gateway integration and offline payment tracking features provide the convenience to customers to make both online and offline payments.

  4. Quick document management system, document creation, and management with Sell.Do

    Sell.Do is an integrated Real Estate CRM software that has the benefit of maintaining and delivering an advanced document management system. This eliminates the challenges of doing the same using the traditional time-consuming, expensive, and desk-crowding way of document management system through files.


It is a fact that it is more expensive and difficult to acquire new consumers rather than keeping the existing ones satisfied to enhance business. An effective post sales support process allows the Real Estate businesses to support the customers to get the most out of the service and product, garner customer loyalty, and get relevant feedback using Real Estate CRM software. A good post sales support not only helps the Real Estate companies to improve their business, but also leads to customer retention, increased sales, and eventually maximized profits.

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