How To Leverage Lead Magnets For Real Estate Lead Generation?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

Today, as we live in the digital era, people looking to buy real estate do a lot of research not just offline but on the internet as well. As a hefty amount of money is involved in the dealing, purchasing a home or any other property isn't a thing that they invest in very often Hence realtors must not be surprised by the level of research customers do and the amount of information, satisfaction, and trust they want to gain from the agent before making the final decision. The prospect is always hungry to grasp as much piece of information as he/she could as far as purchasing a property is concerned.

It is where the opportunity lies to leverage the lead magnets for real estate lead generation.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is like an incentive offered by marketers to potential customers in return for their email address or other elementary contact details. A free eBook, whitepaper, video, email newsletter, or another form of digital, downloadable content is typically offered as a lead magnet.


How to get more leads using lead magnets?

Adopting an informative and educational approach towards lead generation is the most effective way to do it. Have a look at some of the types of lead magnets that are used popularly by realtors:

  1. Provide free guides and E-books

    The first thing that is done to seek advice and insights into a subject is to switch to the internet. It's exactly what a new buyer or seller would do to gain some elementary knowledge of the task at hand. Most notably, they look for mediums and tools to assist them in purchasing or selling a property.

    Creating an eBook, a guide, or report, or some other lead magnet that provides the information and relevant advice according to their need is a great technique to capture their attention to your business.

    Furthermore, the customer details obtained can be utilised to build a relationship with them. This is where a real estate CRM comes into action by storing the visitor's activity and information the moment it asks for the free resources.

  2. Develop an appealing video

    If you refer to the data from Hubspot, 97% of advertisers believe that a video improves consumer awareness of their product or service.

    The video content can be developed on several topics, like -

    • an interview or live Q & A with clients who are buying a home for the first time
    • an informational video on guidelines to be kept in mind while purchasing commercial space
    • a video on things to look out for during site visits, etc.

    However, for realtors, listing videos highlighting the essential aspects of clients' listings from every angle is extremely crucial. For lead generation, add a Call to Action (CTA) under the video description, urging the viewer to visit other company resources such as websites, mobile apps, etc. Here, lead management software can make the task smoother.

    Also, a Youtube channel might serve as the best platform for this strategy.

  3. Contribute to real estate publications to build reliability and trust

    By regularly publishing to local, online and social media-based real estate publications, you can establish yourself as a real estate thought leader in the minds of consumers. The more information you include in posts that concern the real estate leads, the more reliable you become. When leads get to know about the level of expertise and authority you have, it speeds up the journey to conversion. To generate leads through guest posts, the author can include basic information below the bio section, such as website link, eBook download link, and other lead magnets created.

    Numerous other ways to connect with the leads include -

    • Newsletter - It can be a great way to send out updates to subscribed leads regularly, providing insight on interest and mortgage rates and best listings.
    • Community magazine -It provides upcoming events information as well as useful real estate information and industry statistics.
  4. Provide informative and relevant content through blog posts consistently

    A blog serves as an effective tool for inbound marketing that can be incorporated as a link on the company website. The main agenda behind a blog post is to provide prospects with useful insights on buying or selling a home in the market with a personalised approach. Articles that provide information and advice aim to draw targeted traffic to the company website.

    The blog posts can include a real estate guide for beginners, FAQs & queries, infographics of real estate price data, testimonials of satisfied customers, etc. Moreover, from a content point of view, you can share the latest news of the sector, spotlight local businesses, highlight the new property listings, include info about government schemes and property loans and taxes, etc.

    It's an excellent way to prove your authority in the sector as a realtor and lend a helping hand towards visitors to build a business relationship. Again there are numerous ways to generate leads through blogs, such as adding a link to the company home page, promoting eBooks, and offering to join an email newsletter.

  5. Deploy a home evaluation tool for sellers

    Every person selling his/her home has an innate desire to find the worth of their property as soon as possible. It is among the elementary steps before approaching a realtor for listing.To utilise this technique, put up a home valuation tool on the company website that asks visitors to provide some general information and details about their property. After the user enters the required details and clicks to find out the initial property valuation, the tool requests the seller's email address, contact number, and other basic info. This way, the tool can act as a lead magnet for the business.


    Furthermore, to generate additional leads, enable calls to action (CTA) on the website to drive more people to the valuation tool. To push more sellers to that, mention it and connect it to the landing page as a popup, as a link under author description in blog posts and social media channels.

  6. Retargeting the leads is the key

    As an online advertising strategy, retargeting helps you to engage with visitors who have specifically left your online platform without any interaction. Retargeting helps create an additional hook by providing additional value to people who have already shown interest by interacting with a lead magnet but have not taken any further action. It helps initiate a relationship that wasn't built the last time they were around.

Bottomline -

For effective lead generation in this sector, real estate CRM software is a must-have tool for realtors out there looking to gain a competitive edge over the extreme competition. Such tools can act as data collection channels stretching beyond lead generation and binding together various marketing and sales operations for effective customer relationship management.

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