The Impact Of Email Marketing On Real Estate Lead Nurturing

Marketing   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

Real estate is one of the world's largest sectors and witnesses fierce competition on a global scale. A real property is not something that can be purchased in the spur of the moment. Furthermore, from the perspective of sales teams, assisting leads in homebuying can be a time-consuming process.

It can take months for a real estate agent to convert a lead into a perfect buyer. As a result, it is evident that the more leads one has, the better the chances of securing those commissions.


It is where email marketing automation picks up. Even with the rise of chatbots, AI, and video marketing, there is no better way to engage and interact with people on a large scale than email marketing.

Almost every industry is aware of the benefits of email marketing for growth and brand building. It has benefited both B2B and B2C businesses. Researches show that this marketing tactic is almost forty times more effective than the most popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A real estate CRM is capable of planning and executing marketing automation tasks such as Email marketing.

Can personalised email marketing strategy work for real estate lead nurturing?

The fundamental rule for an email marketing campaign to be successful is to consistently target the client with relevant content. Real estate agents are well-trusted and responsible members of the property business dynamic. To earn the confidence of customers and sustain personal brands, they must make every touchpoint count.

According to research, personalised emails produce up to six times the revenue of non-personalised emails. By sending generic messages or emails to clients, realtors could simply risk alienating their leads. Therefore, spamming is just going to work against the directive of the business.

How to nurture real estate leads with email marketing?

Here are some of the most effective ways to nurture leads through email marketing via email management software -

  1. Create awareness among the audience -

     Create awareness among the audience-

    Sharing relevant and new listings via email improve the overall odds of winning over the client as it helps them find their dream home.

    Focus on the email drafting and customise it according to the targeted customer.

    Begin the email with a friendly greeting, provide a vivid image of the listing, and then conclude with a sentence or two describing their dream property. Add a link to your website below the image, so that they get easy access to a completely optimised listing.

  2. Educate the audience -

     Educate the audience

    When you invest your hard-earned money in a tool, you want to be more informed and aware about it. Thus, adding value to the customer experience by sharing additional information instils confidence among the clients.

    In general, an average agent sends sales-focused emails that only convey the most recent projects delivered.

    A real estate business must adopt a client-centric approach to increase the overall email engagement rate.

    There are several tools like lead management software that can be used to target customers with free informative content in the form of blog posts, infographics, e-books, videos, and much more.


    A detailed report consisting of useful information and data, with an emphasis on the local market may help the buyer make an informed decision.

    Sending a video covering the market updates to share insider perspectives on what's going on is a perfect way to communicate with seller leads.

  3. Develop a relationship with clients -

    Develop a relationship with clients

    Emails are excellent when it comes to establishing relationships with customers.

    Plus, sending personalised emails to each client helps in increasing the campaign's open rate significantly. Always remember, your email should have a personal tone expressing mutual trust, bonding, and concern.

    Some techniques to personalise emails are- using of catchy subject lines, including first name, occasional greeting messages, taking community welfare, etc.

    Furthermore, connecting and enquiring from older email leads whether they are still interested in purchasing a property isn't a bad idea either. It depicts that the brand cares about its clients and community.

  4. Build trust and be ready for instant support -

    Build trust and be ready for instant support

    Buyers and sellers want to deal with someone they can trust in the middle of the laws, regulations, deals, contracts, payments, and paperwork.

    Sharing client testimonials well in advance can help you gain the trust and confidence of the potential customer at hand.

    Customers seek assistance and expect a prompt resolution to their issues. If a salesperson does not resolve the problem, an email campaign from the customer's perspective doesn’t stand a chance.

    A call to action (CTA) in emails helps the recipients to easily request responses. A well-formatted CTA is an excellent way to communicate with your reader and entice them to return for more.

    Real estate is a massive investment, and it won’t be a surprise if a client asks you for regular assistance during the deal.

    Providing after-purchase support to the clients and advising them to improve consumer relationships and interaction is the best practice.

  5. Share insightful real estate resources -

    Share insightful Real Estate resources-

    An average client rarely engages in a real estate deal for years. Hence, to prove your expertise in the domain, you can leverage email campaigns for providing valuable resources to effectively engage with the customers.

    It can be an E-book for new buyers, a checklist for either a buyer or a seller, or a blog link outlining what to look for in a real estate agent.

How to create real estate emails for better engagement?

Here are some proven tips to create an email marketing campaign that will give you a better open rate, response, and engagement-

  1. Plan in advance -

    Email marketing is a game of consistency and timing. Thus, you must plan well in advance when to hit the send button and what should be the highlighted content.

    As far as numbers are concerned, it's better to start with a frequency you know you can commit to, such as one in a week or fortnight, and gradually raise it rather than promising the reader a frequency that can't be delivered reliably.

    Begin the email marketing strategy by designing a welcome email or series. Any new subscriber is introduced to the company via a welcome email.

  2. Utilise e-mail analytics -

    Analytics helps a lot in determining which emails, subject lines, and body copy are the most powerful and drive more engagement.

    The data and information gleaned from the email analytics can be utilised to develop strategies for future email marketing campaigns.

    Some of the most crucial metrics to look at here are Campaign open-rate, Click-through rate, Unsubscribe rate, and Delivery rate.

Bottomline -

Email marketing for real estate companies is a strategy that will help realtors meet their income and sales targets effectively.

The Sell.Do CRM offers several advanced e-mail marketing services to help you engage with the customers effectively Some of its features include-

  • Integrated e-mail. This feature saves time for the sales team, meanwhile ensuring that the leads get access to appropriate information at the right time.
  • Track the performance metrics of e-mail marketing campaigns and check statuses like delivery, opens, and clicks on a single platform.
  • Built-in intelligent lead scoring to analyse the lead potential based on email engagement.
  • In-built drip email marketing feature to set up a series of emails for targeting leads frequently.
  • Automated email parser to collect lead information from emails.
  • Personalised email templates reflecting the brand identity.

Companies implementing sound strategies and utilising real estate CRM software have a leg up on their rivals for sure.

Opportunities based on behavioural stimuli like a lead opening email, visiting the website, downloading an e-book, commenting on social media, etc., need to be grabbed by utilising the features offered by CRM Software.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Priya posted over 2 years ago

Good topic and well written

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Chaitanya posted over 2 years ago

Email is the most effective form as it is very personalized and can also be very engaging

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Santoshi posted over 2 years ago

Can emails be templatized?

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Absolutely. Any sales automation software would allow you to create pre-defined templates, which can then be used as soon as a lead is in the funnel - over 2 years ago

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