How Brokers Can Stay Ahead With Real Estate Lead Automation

Marketing   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

real estate CRM software has succeeded in building thriving real estate businesses. It is a recent software that endorses a wealth of knowledge to generate leads for the real estate business, with zero lead leakage. It leads to intelligent customer relationship management, segmentation of leads, and conversion of leads into sales.

Functions of Automation:

Let us understand the functions of Automation and how CRM software for real estate business can be important to retrieve better business and achieve organizational goals.

  1. Lead Nurturing

    Marketing automation guides the lead generation strategy on the next step in nurturing and closing that lead. It helps enhance the position of leads in the sales funnel.

  2. Lead Scoring

    It is an automated method used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the probability of converting that lead to a customer. Lead scoring is based on various touchpoints like an opened email, or specific links clicked within an email.

  3. Marketing Automation System + CRM For Real Estate Agents

    CRM with Marketing Automation software abilities automates repetitive tasks, compiles data on clients across all channels, and creates contact points between the company and the client.

  4. SalesForce Automation

    This CRM feature reduces the communication gap between a real estate agent and a client. A CRM system helps in tracking every contact and follow-up required between that contact and the agent.

    It also gives details about the client’s personal information, purchasing preferences, concerns, and buying history.

How Real Estate Agents Benefit From Automation

Let us understand how real estate agents can benefit from using Automation through a CRM software and why they need this tool to expand their brokerage business.

Marketing Automation services can help real estate agents by sending Real-Time Updates based on specific touchpoints. It dramatically enhances engagement level with the lead and benefits the Broker in many ways.

  • Real Estate CRM Distributes Leads Efficiently to different real estate agents and call centres based on the type of property, agent availability, sub-type, location, and more.
  • Automate Responses to Prospects and engage them with the organization. A real estate CRM software enables automated follow-up communication based on the property booking, quote, type of inquiry – site visit, home loan inquiry, and more.
  • Managing Time: Real Estate CRM automatically adds tasks to the schedule effectively and reminds the agents about them from time to time
  • Converting Leads into Sales Real estate CRM lead management helps the Brokers to track sales conversations. It also provides them with the interests of the buyer and enables them to resonate with the buyer’s mindset. It further provides essential inputs and transforms their leads into sales.
  • Adding Value to Sales Pitches and leveraging buyer’s details and their interests through real estate CRM can develop valuable sales conversations. It helps in automating engagement emails and helps Brokers strategically connect with the buyer.
  • Managing Customer Queries and segmenting the lead intelligently for those who specialize in that domain.
  • Automate Agent Notification through emails and texts as soon as the lead is distributed to the agents. The real estate CRM software will eliminate the chances of missing an appointment and will assign tasks as per their availability.
  • Track Conversations with Prospects through the Real Estate CRM software that automatically tracks and records every sales conversation. It further provides an appropriate direction to take the sales conversation forward, thus enhancing engagement and increasing the possibility of conversion.
  • The CRM lead management software helps Brokers create a strategy for strengthening their relationships with their prospects. It helps Brokers nurture their contacts through content marketing, where they can demonstrate their expertise, and share valuable content.
  • The Real Estate CRM software puts everything into workflows and builds the process of a series of activities that is regularly followed. Workflows allow the Broker to automate the process and set reminders so that nothing goes wrong. These also help him stay with the process and with the holistic success of his real estate business.

About Sell.Do

Sell.Do, India’s leading real estate CRM, empowers Brokers with advanced technology, and takes real estate brokering to the next level. It offers a distinct broker CRM module that helps agents establish better connections with their clients, whilst saving time, reducing manual effort, and increasing the chances of conversion.


Sell.Do helps the brokers stay ahead with lead automation, ensuring that they never lose out on leads. It also helps eliminate excel sheets by maintaining a leak-proof robust leads database.


  • It helps capture leads from Multiple Channels like SMS, emails, Live Chat, website, and calls
  • It successfully integrates with Property Portals. With Sell.Do you can automatically capture leads from property listing portals like 99acres and social media channels like Facebook.
  • Finally, it avoids lead leakage & duplication. Sell.Do validates data by preventing leads leakage and entering duplicate information.
  • It helps build multiple pipelines to keep track of leads across all stages enabling brokers to concentrate on the right sales opportunities.
  • It helps to prioritize leads and categorize them into different groups to help derive optimal value.

Sell.Do as a Solution

Sell.Do is the global real estate CRM software pioneer in CRM & marketing automation and helps real estate brokers and agents to take their business to the next level. It is a single solution platform for end-to-end real estate automation and has helped immensely in converting leads into real customers.

Bottom line

Although the property business is quite complicated, it involves the emotional aspect as well. AI and virtual assistants help Brokers get rid of daunting routines like home evaluation appraisal, reports, team management, listings management, and lets them concentrate more on personal relations with clients and staff.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Namita posted almost 3 years ago

Automation is quite helpful and Sell Do is really helpful for Brokers. You should definitely try it.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  sayali posted almost 3 years ago

Is this helpful for small brokers?

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Absolutely. Lead automation is helpful for all types of Brokers as it enables you to focus more on customer experience, thereby allowing you to grow your business - almost 3 years ago

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