Why Should Real Estate On-Site Visits Be Automated Using Effective CRM Software?

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

In a real estate process, all your marketing, pre-sales, and lead nurturing efforts culminate in one crucial stage - the actual site visit. Every real estate professional will agree to the fact that this is the make or break stage for converting a prospect into a buyer.

Naturally, people put in a lot of effort in creating an engaging site visit experience for leads. Training sales executives, creating the right sales pitches, designing sample flats, site branding and other such measures are implemented to create the best first impression during these visits.

But did you know that a CRM can help you take this experience to a whole new level? Yes, a real estate CRM, which you'd normally use for lead generation and nurturing, can be utilized for 'automating' site visits as well. Intrigued? Read on to discover how.

An effective CRM software is required to track property site visits as it gives the real estate business better insight into the demands and likes of the audience. It is important to understand who visits the site where they are from, how they found the property, and their demographic details to better market the real estate business and fruitfully serve the clients.


It is rightly said that if real estate agents impress their prospective clients when they visit the site land, they significantly increase the chances of conversion.

On-Site visit management challenges:

  1. First impressions are the last impression.

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_01 First Impressions are the last impressions

    It is important to provide the best real estate site-visit experience in the CRM process management to leads who are visiting the property for the first time. Interestingly, this first impression begins way before the actual visit.

    How the site visit is scheduled makes a lot of difference in creating a brand impression. An appropriate real estate CRM software can integrate into the existing real estate business and help you to provide a hassle-free site for the visitors.

  2. Knowing who is in and out

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_02 Knowing who is in and out

    One important thing for the real estate business in CRM process management is understanding who is on-site, who leaves upon entry and who captures the information of houses or properties that the visitors are looking for.

  3. Offering them what they need and want

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_03 Offering them what they need and want

    In this universally digital world, visitors expect to have information instantly. So the very least a guest expects is that the real estate business understands the needs and requirements of the customers during their on-site visit.

    Once this is anticipated using the CRM software, it adds more weightage and helps a real estate Business stand apart from the rest.

  4. Staying connected and visitor management

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_04 Staying connected and visitor management

    Site-visit management in CRM process management is all about visitor satisfaction upon their arrival on the property of interest.

    The customer experience strategy empowers visitors with customer experience management.

    What a client needs for their visit to the real estate premises or land is to have an experience they will remember without compromising on the safety and security of the organisational facilities.

  5. Scheduling conflicts

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_05 Scheduling conflicts

    Scheduling conflicts often arise out of sales execs allotting the same time slots to multiple leads, or arranging a site visit and forgetting to follow up. Whatever may be the reason, it hampers the first impression about the brand and eventually the project.

    CRM process management can avoid these conflicts by tracking visitors so that agents/sales reps can follow up with offers or schemes.

    The CRM helps the real estate business prepare a sales listing, organise real-time based or virtual property viewings, negotiate the sale and finally close it.

  6. Arranging site-visits

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_06 Arranging site visits

    Site visits can be arranged as per personal preferences.

    All the choices of potential clients are noted, and arrangements are made to show them what they really need,

    For example, sales reps can prepare a 2 BHK unit with a balcony instead of just showing a regular 2 BHK to a client who prefers to buy a 2 BHK property but only with a balcony.

  7. Facilitating contactless site visits

    Blog_Why should you automate Real Estate site visits_Icons_07 Facilitating contactless site visits

    A real estate CRM software can virtually display the properties to potential customers using contactless site-visit services.

    Sales representatives can use tablets or devices for customer check-ins, which can be cloud-based and seamlessly connected to the main CRM.

    They can further display the best features and amenities of the site.ence, luring the customer to buy the property.

Advanced customer experience management of on-site visits with Sell.Do

Sell.Do’s high-tech real estate CRM software management helps the real estate agents to impress their prospective customers when they visit the real estate site or land, and significantly increases the chances of conversion.

Sell.Do, and its business process management software helps keep challenges at a minimum and customer experience management at the maximum.


Organising sales with the help of a real estate CRM strategy and engaging with buyers strategically between “real estate site visits” and “Site booking” increase both the conversion rate as well as the return on marketing investments.

  1. GRE & Reception Flow Management

    With Sell.Do real estate CRM, the agents can equip the GREs to identify customers using their phone or email with a single-click access to update customer details and mark the property visit done.

    The business process management software ensures data sanctity and helps quickly identify the associated sales rep to notify them about the arrival of the customer.

  2. Self Serve Site Visit & Customer Registration Tablet App

    CRM process management helps in streamlining sales on-site with self-serve visits.

    The mobile & tablet apps of Sell.Do CRM software give your customers self-serve options, and allow customers to register themselves.

    Sell.Do and its customer experience management take care of the duplicity, put them in a queue, and notify their sales representative.

  3. Queue Management

    In CRM process management software, real estate site experience with queue management is recommended for a better customer experience.

    This process at Sell.Do ensures customer experience management wherein customers have a minimal wait time, and it creates a better sales journey for them.

    This enables multiple counters with customers moving from one to the next in a regularised process and flow.

  4. On Ground Support During Project Launch

    This CRM process management software helps to get support from on-ground executives during launches.

    It provides technology and sales expertise to ensure better floor management and leverage analytics to understand which leads to focus on.

    Sell.Do business process management software is always ready with technical support as and when required.

Benefits of Sell.Do to different stakeholders

  1. To Customers

    • The customer experience management helps the customers to Sign-up and Login through Mobile using an OTP as authentication.
    • Further, it helps in KYC & Online Payments Customers.
    • Details related to View/Facing/Costing are available to the Customer on a real-time basis.
  2. To Channel Partners with Partner Empanelment Easy Onboarding with the Company

    • Lead Ownership Management Protect leads through link-based tagging, incentive benefits through a referral program
    • Performance Management to track the entire funnel for all the Customers through Leads -> Site Visits -> Bookings
  3. To the Sales Team

    Mobile App Live Inventory visibility, Offline Calling, Auto reminders on-site visit to sales team and customer, Site Visit Management Schedule site visits, follow-ups, send pick up and drop details.

  4. To the Marketing Team

    Multiple channel lead coverage, Auto Captures lead from all sources, remarketing the leads based on Custom Buckets, Intent, and Intelligent analytics.


With appropriate real estate CRM software in place, the real estate business can assure the visitors to share their information with the company even before they conduct an on-site visit to the property.

The real estate business can enhance the user experience by feeding the right data to the sales team, getting up close and personal with your visitors, and using a real estate site-visit tracking facility effectively.

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