Is Lead Management Enough For Real Estate Sales? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

Sales   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

The importance of generating and nurturing leads is seen in the fact that 88% of home buyers purchase properties through real estate agencies.

With this high number, managing leads takes the central stage in a real estate company. Handling leads may sound straightforward; however, it really is a multilayered, complicated task. Not only does a sales funnel impact how each lead needs to be managed, but also the kind of products or services that need to be catered to each one. Such overwhelming circulation of data creates a swirling universe of information that can easily lead to mistakes and loss of leads.


The Importance of CRM Lead Management

CRM helps to smoothen lead management to a great extent by taking care of tasks such as lead capturing, contact management, segregation, etc. Automation of certain sales processes is possible with CRM and similar platforms, which provides a welcome relief to the employees from handling data-heavy tasks.

Looking at the entire universe of leads in a real estate business, there are definitive processes where lead management software can be integrated to save time and effort. Some of them are:

  • Lead generation stage: From creating landing pages to ad campaigns, a real estate CRM software be configured to automatically handle lead generation.
  • Lead nurturing process: With a CRM, it is possible to automate email and messaging campaigns to initiate surveys and other forms of lead nurturing.
  • Post-sales processes: Documentation formalities, follow-ups, handovers and other post-sales formalities can be handled by CRM software.

Assessing automation potential at each stage of lead management comes with great benefits for a business. It ensures that a business maintains a high level of customer service, which is consistent and tailored specifically as per consumer needs. While it helps to entrust certain processes to sales automation software, imagine the potential a business can unlock with an end-to-end CRM solution. It is for this reason that a more holistic application may need to be implemented, a solution that ties the ends together.

Generic CRM solutions, although convenient and functional, may not be enough to effectively benefit from, as a business would still be deploying manual intervention at many authority points in a sales universe. The implementation of transformative software that takes care of the entire lead nurturing process, from A to Z, gives a business the power to road-roll through the competition and boost sales.

Sell.Do is India's only fully integrated CRM solution that offers a business the capability of end-to-end automation. From Pre-sales to Post-sales functions, businesses can trust Sell.Do to handle the tasks efficiently.

Sell.Do - A Fully-Integrated Lead Management Software

The sales process of a real estate business begins at the consumer and ends at the consumer as well. Sell.Do helps create a well-rounded system of leads and sales management, coupling the two seamlessly with automated marketing that ultimately works to generate more leads and bring in more conversions.

From Pre-sales to Post-sales, Sell.Do comes loaded with features that help a business drive efficiency and targets effectively:

  1. Pre-Sales

    Pre-sales has transformed into a dynamic entity now - there is no longer the necessity for cold-calling and other traditional methods to generate and capture leads. Sell.Do sports the following features that enable a business to handle pre-sales without much fuss.

    • Automated Lead Capture: Sell.Do has a collection of simple lead forms that can be integrated into all the digital addresses of a business. These forms can be modified as required or used as-is. These forms automatically capture and sort lead data. In addition, there are tools to see the timeline for each lead for better handovers. In addition, the software also caters to automated pre-sales calling.
    • Lead Nurturing: Data duplicity and mismanaged leads translate into poor lead nurturing. With Sell.Do's intelligent sort-at-source and unified database functionalities, business gets the option to store the right leads' data at the right place. The hotness or coldness of a lead, schedules and commitments, and other attributes help businesses offer better customer care.
  2. Sales

    The sales funnel is where all the activity happens in a business - this is where the marketers are most active. An efficient sales funnel can exist only when the entire team works in tandem with the real estate CRM software. Sell.Do makes this happen with the following features:

    • Team Collaboration Tools: State-of-the-art technology ensures that all the members of your sales team have access to the same data on leads. The integrated notes taking tool helps to record special information on each lead, which enables a more efficient handover to the next salesperson should the need arise. This functionality focuses on the consumer needs by enabling complete data handover every single time. The software offers lead tags to raise alerts or issues with salespeople who need to take it up from there.
    • Data Control: Respecting the hierarchical setup of a firm, Sell.Do offers data access control to administrators. Choose which data is available to view for which employee or group of employees. Data restriction functionality also extends to channel partners and other associates of the business who have access to the software dashboard.
    • Workflow Automation: Promptness in any CRM activity pays off big time - because leads wish for instant responses. Sell.Do equips a business with an automated email and messaging communications setup that helps respond to consumer queries at the click of a button. Automated follow-ups can also be created based on the history of conversation with any lead - a functionality that takes a lot of burden off from the sales team, and provides customised consumer support based on which position a lead is in the sales pipeline.
    • Event Scheduling: Property businesses are concentrated around site visits. Things being so, it spells disaster to miss scheduling an appointment after receiving a request from a lead. Sell.Do has tools that automatically schedule events that lead requests and keep the sales team updated about changes or modifications made to the appointment. It also has inbuilt functions to send reminders and communications to the lead and sales team.
  3. Post-Sales

    No business ever ghosts a consumer after completing sales. Sell.Do takes care of post-sales formalities and care that a customer needs in order to generate repeat sales and drive consumer satisfaction.

    • Documentation: Acquiring signatures or KYC documents, verification and validation of credentials, raising discrepancy issues, etc., are all clerical tasks that can be handled efficiently by Sell.Do. It creates a database where all the documents are managed as per lead information and can be recalled at the click of a button.
    • Customer Response Automation: In case a customer has queries or questions about the property, Sell.Do equips a business with sending automated responses that ensure the customer stays satisfied with the service of the business. This helps the business create repeat sales and recommendations, which in turn helps to bring in more customers.


Sell.Do is a real estate CRM software that empowers a company with tools that are capable of handling all the sales processes of a real estate business. Minimum human intervention and maximise consumer satisfaction are ensured with end-to-end, integrated CRM solutions like Sell.Do.

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