Can Email Automation Alone Boost Real Estate Sales? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

Marketing   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

As a real estate brand, one needs to understand the importance of regularly marketing themselves to stay on top of the mind for potential leads and network expansion. Email marketing as part of digital marketing techniques, is highly effective in ensuring this. Realtors are aware that buying or selling a property is a big decision that demands time for the clients. Deciding to call a realtor might take months or years for owners or would-be owners.


Instead of waiting for potential clients in the vicinity to discover the brand when they are ready to sell or buy, realtors can utilize email marketing to cultivate a list of people who are not eager to buy right now but will be in the future. This way, they can develop a relationship with potential customers so that whenever the time arrives, customers reach out directly to them without any second thought. It is how email marketing helps real estate companies achieve their objectives of effective lead nurturing and conversion.

The emerging automation trends in the real estate sector has given rise to various email automation tools in the market.

Is email automation enough to drive more real estate sales?

Today the world has gone online with exposure to several digital tools and services. Nowadays, lead generation and nurturing strategies are not just limited to email marketing in the real estate sector. These techniques need to be implemented across multiple platforms to make the most of them. The competition for getting clients on board is steep, especially in this sector.

Therefore the need is to maximise the audience engagement to the best level possible. When it is time to sell or buy a property, having end-to-end marketing automation helps ensure 360-degree branding. Thus, realtors must focus on increasing their reach across multiple online platforms like Social media or search engines like Google.


Although there are hundreds of CRM options available in the market, the problem with generic CRMs is their incapability to offer support for marketing automation across platforms and automatic lead capturing.

How does marketing automation help in the real estate sector?

Marketing automation solutions may assist real estate businesses with numerous tasks, including social media marketing, ad management, and streamlining business processes, allowing them to focus on nurturing leads and closing deals. The major areas where automation offers valuable solutions include lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, prospect segmentation, email marketing automation, social media content management, and other marketing integration processes.

Therefore, it is imperative for real estate businesses to think beyond CRMs and look for solutions capable of providing end-to-end real estate marketing automation.

Sell.Do- An excellent CRM Marketing Automation Software

Sell.Do is India's only dedicated real estate CRM software that offers numerous features for planning, execution, tracking, evaluation, management, and optimisation of all the marketing campaigns of the real estate company to achieve better results.

Have a look at some of its most intelligent marketing features for automating the marketing campaigns-

  1. Bulk Messaging-

    The CRM helps realtors perform bulk marketing much faster by sending bulk communications in a few clicks. Sales teams can create a separate campaign and custom lists to target leads in a particular funnel stage with bulk emails and SMS. It becomes convenient to streamline the different communications done with the leads, saving precious sales time.

    The CRM offers a powerful email builder with custom templates giving the team the liberty to compose attractive and personalised emails along with ensuring high-quality inbox delivery to the intended audiences. Furthermore, it generates insightful reports that track the campaigns' open, click and delivery rates, crucial in analysing their performance and success.

  2. Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Integration-

    Sell.Do consolidates all lead data from online and social media networks like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube in a single dashboard, reducing operative burdens and increasing productivity. Some of its integration features include-

    • Automated lead capture from digital campaigns like Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads
    • Automated cost attribution for Google Adwords and Facebook to track spendings on digital campaigns
    • Auto Capturing leads from YouTube Ads traffic
  3. Automatic Lead Capture From Forms, Paid Ads And More-

    With Sell.Do realtors can easily track in-depth lead data and gauge customer sentiment through the lead survey. It helps create lead capture web forms with multiple fields & quickly posts them to the website to obtain basic lead information such as name, contact number, email along with detailed information such as budgets, preferences, and much more.

    Moreover, lead data gets captured from paid ads platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube among others.

  4. Integration With Popular Property Portals-

    The CRM software comes with an in-built real estate portal integrations feature so that data management and performance analysis could be done through a single platform conveniently without paying any additional costs. It enables cost attribution and accurate routing and assignment for leads coming from different property portals (like 99 acres or Magicbricks).


Customer engagement is crucial in the real estate industry, and realtors who fail to nurture prospects successfully often lose them. Sell.Do's marketing automation tools allow you to automate all the time-consuming and tedious operations, allowing the business to focus more on conversion, sales and revenue.

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