Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

Sales   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Today’s neck-to-neck competition compels the real estate industry players to employ CRM apps for better business performance and optimised productivity. With the advent of hundreds of CRM solutions, real estate reps are able to gain an edge over the competitors. Customer relationship management is the utmost priority of any business, and real estate is no exception.


Not only does it help with day-to-day activities but it also allows the reps to have access to business information right from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Work management from any location enables sales agents to handle critical tasks and boosts business productivity. In the real estate industry, channel partners play a vital role as they contribute significantly in generating huge revenue. For the novice, it’s important to understand the role of channel partners in the respective domain. In this highly dynamic segment, sales leads are initiated through two channels. One channel comprises marketing campaigns managed by internal sales teams and another channel includes channel partners and Brokers.

Channel partners put a lot of effort into increasing sales by implementing the best in industry practices based on their experience. They give home buyers the confidence and assurance they need before investing their hard-earned money in buying a house. They reach out to the prospects to promote their services and share their expertise so that the buyers can make the right decision.

Concerns with Contemporary Real Estate CRM Apps

The question here is, does the CRM software available in the market offer consistent support to the channel partners to make their sales tasks easier? Today’s real estate giants require a comprehensive solution that can handle lead generation, contact management, contract management, document management, and similar support so that they can stay on top of the competition.

If the CRM app fails to deliver the required support to the channel partners, it will affect the entire sales cycle. An efficient CRM system makes it feasible for real estate agencies to stay in contact with their channel partners round the clock. A CRM solution must be powerful enough to keep track of the database management in real-time.

An integrated, end-to-end real estate CRM system will provide agents with access to the latest property listings. This helps them streamline their business activities and improve their overall productivity.


To keep things aligned with growing marketing demands in the real estate domain, it is important that channel partners are provided continuous support. One such CRM solution that provides channel partner support is Sell.Do. Being India's only integrated solution for real estate, its channel partner solutions come with sales integration features that ensure that marketing is no more a hassle.

Beneficial Features of Channel Partner Management Software with Sell.Do

Here’s how Sell.Do helps the Channel Partners in achieving positive business results.

  1. Lead Generation & Tracking

    Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

    • Sell.Do captures leads from disparate sources by integrating lead forms across digital channels. The data from all digital paths are collected in one single place for easy tracking and review.
    • The customised CRM is designed to capture leads from marketing campaigns. The investors and buyers can stay in collaboration with each other and stay engaged.
    • No more data duplication as the tool intelligently filters out repeated information. This way, the software allows sales reps to focus only on the right and qualified leads.
  2. Sales Automation

    Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

    • Sell.Do converts visitors into leads and nurtures quality leads over time for better sales and business outcomes.
    • It simplifies presales, sales, and post-sales tasks as it accomplishes most of the tasks in just a few clicks.
    • CRM helps the channel partners to analyse and understand customer’s core requirements and determine the challenges.
  3. Inventory Access

    Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

    • Sell. Do empowers real estate agencies to control channel partner’s access to the inventory for better management of related operations.
    • By having limited access to inventory data and incentive calculator, the channel partners can handle the payments, KYC, incentive calculations, and approved offers in real-time.
    • By using a receptive real estate channel partner management tool, the sales reps can provide Schemes and offers to the channel partners to pass on to the clients.
  4. Seamless Online Collaboration

    Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

    • Sell.Do collaboration features allows the real estate businesses to work in harmony with their channel partners.
    • The personalised dashboard allows the channel partners to access inventory as well as meeting-related information in real-time, therefore, stimulating quick action.
    • Using easy collaboration features, the real estate agency can provide channel partners easy access to the process, pricing, and collateral information.
  5. Pre-Scheduled Virtual Site Visit

    Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

    • With Sell.Do real estate CRM, the sales agents can share the property details with the client. The channel partners are allowed to conduct virtual site visits considering the current scenario.
    • Customers can browse sales collaterals, brochures, and sales information from Sell.Do app to minimise the efforts of collecting paper media.
    • Channel partners can create a better customer experience by optimising the queue management process and preventing customer numbers.

To Conclude

By using a highly optimised, comprehensive channel partner real estate solution like Sell.Do, real estate businesses can build reliability and trust with their channel partners and take their sales graph to heights.

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