How To Nurture Various Real Estate Leads?

Sales   |   08 February 2021

How To Nurture Various Real Estate Leads?

Online marketing has made it relatively easy for Real estate businesses to generate and nurture Real Estate leads through strategically shared information. But generating leads does not yield tangible results; these leads need to be categorised based on their relevance and on their conversion probabilities.

This article attempts to showcase how the lead nurturing process works and is the best way forward for a Real Estate business.


We then focus on categorising leads into four broad buckets and identify steps that need to be undertaken to nurture them. Before we articulate lead categorisation, we must understand that we are focusing on homebuyers (leads) and have classified them based on their chosen timeframe to move into their chosen property-

  • Hot Leads (Plan to move in 0 to 30 days)
    • Sales teams have to approach either by a phone call or text regularly.
    • Maintain contact to finalise their categorisation as “Hot” Leads.
  • Warm Leads (Plan to move in 30 to 90 days)
    • Salespersons need to alternate between text and phone calls each week.
    • Maintain contact and effort should be on guiding them from “Warm” to “Hot” leads.
  • Luke Warm Leads (Plan to move in 3 to 9 months)
    • Sales teams have to maintain contact with text and a phone call every two weeks.
    • Contact with them is essential for an extended period to upgrade/revise their categorization into “warm” or “hot” leads.
  • Cool Leads (Plan to move in 9 to 18 months)
    • They have to be followed by a text or phone call every month or so.
    • Contact has to be maintained to revise their categorisation into “Luke-warm,” “Warm,” or “Hot” leads.

One of the sales CRM tools available in the market that can automate the entire CRM lead management process is Sell.Do real estate CRM. It comes with some exclusive features that make it a suitable Indian real estate CRM tool. The features include:

  • Automation Of Lead Capture:

    The tool auto-captures leads from multiple sources, helping streamline the lead-capture process.

  • Consistent Reminders:

    Through consistent reminders to the Sales team, Sell.Do doesn’t permit any lapses when it comes to new inquiries and follow-ups.

  • Instant Connectivity:

    Through cloud-based smart telephony, you would be able to connect to a lead within no time.

  • Automated Lead Scoring:

    The tool can highlight leads through auto lead scoring and lead pipeline.

  • In-Depth Reports:

    Sales team would be empowered with in-depth calling reports from the pre-sales team.


Some companies might misunderstand that a CRM like Sell.Do is only used by enterprises with large sales teams. However, that is a myth. Sell.Do can be easily configured to your business’s requirements without complications.

Already more than 600 real-estate companies have adopted Sell.Do, a lead management tool to maximise their revenues. Ultimately, every Real Estate business seeks to grow to its full potential and a CRM like Sell.Do allows companies to achieve their business objectives faster.

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