Implementing An Effective Real Estate Lead Nurturing Process

Sales   |   02 February 2021

Implementing An Effective Real Estate Lead Nurturing Process

Lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with potential buyers. An excellent lead nurturing program will focus on cultivating a relationship with leads by providing value and information they need until they are ready to make a purchase.

Market studies have found that 80% [Hyperlink source] of new leads will not end up making a purchase. It is, thus, vital for you to nurture your relationship with leads.

You need robust tools and software to devise a proper lead nurturing strategy.

Implementing an Effective Real Estate Lead Nurturing Process

One must structure a successful lead nurturing process in the following way:

  • Data capture and management

    Data capture and management

    Lead nurturing requires an efficient process of capturing and managing data. You should have relevant information like your leads’ contact details, the information they need, the pages they visit on your website, and such to name a few. For this, you should set up a Real Estate CRM software that will collect information from leads, automatically manage a database of leads, and track their interactions with your website.

  • IVR integration

    IVR integration

    An integrated Voice Response or IVR is an excellent way of polishing and optimising call traffic. An IVR is a recorded interactive message that collects information from a caller before connecting them to a sales representative. An effective CRM for Real Estate like Sell.Do can help you integrate an IVR into your lead nurturing process. An IVR will weed out misdials, and low quality leads who are not interested. You won’t need someone to manage inbound calls helping you save costs.

  • Lead management

    Lead management

    Managing leads is an essential part of the process. Once a lead lands on your website, you should track their activities on your website, qualify them, and engage with them continuously so that when they are ready to make a purchase, they choose your business. Lead management is a complex task since there are large volumes of leads to be managed. Lead management software like Sell.Do offers robust tools to manage leads seamlessly.

  • Lead Scoring

    Lead Scoring

    Only storing information on leads will not yield excellent results. You should have a process of scoring your leads based on their demographics, budget, interest, and buying stage. Sell.Do is a Real Estate CRM software that will automate your scoring process. Now, based on lead scores, you can take targeted actions to convert leads into buyers.

  • Automated marketing campaign

    Automated marketing campaign

    Sell.Do is a CRM specially designed for Real Estate lead nurturing. You can set up this lead management software to automatically send targeted content to leads at the right time based on their lead score. For example, if someone has a high lead score and searches for a beachfront property, the tool will automatically send the lead an email with the best beachfront properties in their preferred area.

Implementing a lead nurturing process can be an overwhelming task. However, there is one thing you can do for a smooth Real Estate lead nurturing process. You should use Sell.Do which offers all the robust tools and features you will need for Real Estate lead nurturing.

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