How To Set Up A Robust Real Estate Email Campaign?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

Getting leads in the Real Estate industry is not the same when compared to other industries. The Real Estate leads nurturing strategy should be designed to cater to clients of different backgrounds. Email campaigns are the perfect solution to nurture the Real Estate industry’s leads systematically. The customised emails are sent to all potential clients, informing them about the upcoming projects, and providing all relevant information to capture their attention.


The objective of the lead nurturing process is to keep homebuyers engaged with your brand so that eventually they choose your project. Thus, marketers must continuously educate customers, hold their hands at every stage, and build a trusting relationship.

Here are some strategies used by the top marketers to set up an effective lead nurturing process:

  1. Prepare a different set of emails

    Marketers send different sets of emails throughout the year to share info about upcoming Real Estate projects. Through email engagement, they create a campaign to capture the prospect’s attention. They can set up an email campaign in ways mentioned below -

    • Email 1: Newsletter
    • Email 2: Digest (information about the latest blogs and resources for home buying or selling)
    • Email 3: Multimedia
    • Email 4: Offer

  2. Use Real Estate CRM software to Manage Client’s need

    Capturing, managing, and working on different client’s requirements is one of the major problems faced by Real Estate businesses.

    This challenge can be overcome with the help of Real Estate CRM software. This lead management software can save all the relevant information of potential clients in their database, including house preference, buying/selling timeline, and budget. This data can send automated lead nurturing emails from time to time, helping with the email campaign.


    Additionally, through CRM pipeline software, you can check at which stage of the process the different leads are, and act on priority ones. With the help of cloud telephony services, you can give a virtual tour of the property to customers, and clear any doubts or queries.

  3. Settings Goals and Tracking them

    Once you have all the relevant info in a database, you can work on the email campaign’s goals. The campaign should generate a buzz and curiosity among customers, which can be tracked by their response over email and the increased traffic on the website.

  4. Create Email list

    Use lead management software to create and maintain an email list of all the customers you had served in the past few years, as well as of clients who dropped through the net. The Real Estate CRM software will have details of all these clients to send customised emails to them for future email campaigns.

We, at Sell.Do, understand the importance of lead nurturing in building and maintaining a strong relationship with your customers. Our company specialises in providing Real Estate CRM software that acts as a one-stop-shop to all your Real Estate solution needs.

Our software not only helps you manage potential clients but also helps in tracking their progress throughout various stages of the process, as well as helping in after-sales support.

If you are looking to establish an effective Real Estate lead nurturing process, contact Sell.Do today to get a customised solution for your needs.

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