Implementing an End-To-End Real Estate Sales Pipeline With Sell.Do

CRM   |   Updated on: 02 February 2024

Many real estate business managers have been looking for an ideal sales pipeline for a long time. They want to have an idea of how they would build up a perfect sales pipeline for their businesses. But no one has answered the question of how an ideal sales pipeline in a real estate business looks like. The sales pipeline genuinely has a broader meaning, so it has been divided into a total of three parts.

The three parts in which it has been divided are pre-sales, sales and post-sales. These main stages define how things should be done in an ideal Real Estate Sales Pipeline. It is a bit difficult for business managers to manage this process alone. But Sell.Do CRM would be making the process easier to complete. This software would offer Automation features to the businesses for all three stages, which would ultimately help the business achieve the goal.

About Sell.Do

Sell.Do CRM is a platform that helps automate your entire marketing cycle and sales pipeline stages. It benefits from the beginning stage— automatically collecting leads — to managing clients’ payments, Sell.Do track everything!

This Real Estate pipeline CRM software helps you identify the right leads, nurture them and convert them into potential customers. It also enables you to track your team’s activities to make them more productive and result-oriented. With the help of this Real Estate CRM, you can manage your contacts, schedule your tasks, plan your marketing campaigns, etc. You can also export any data to your accounting software or any other third-party applications as per your requirements.

You will get 24/7 online access to this tool so that you can work anytime without worrying about compatibility issues or problems related to connectivity issues. With the help of this tool, you can also create custom forms for collecting information about your clients and their properties very quickly. All these forms will be available on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop, and you can access them from anywhere at any time.

Here are the steps which you must follow to use the Real Estate CRM software:

  1. Pre-sales:


    The most important thing for a business is to plan its campaigns. These are to be set keeping various things in mind, like budget, campaign procedure, etc. Let us have a look at how Sell.Do CRM Software helps you during the pre-sales.

    With Sell.Do, you can launch your online campaigns from the comfort of your office. All you need to do is set up a budget and start bidding for the most relevant keywords. You can further refine your campaign by setting up keywords for which you don’t bid but see what others are bidding on. The features which you would be able to access through Sell.Do CRM Pipeline management are as follows-

    • Automatic Lead Distribution :

      Quality call leading expands the incoming distribution of the leads.

    • Vanity Numbers :

      Virtual numbers access would be given to the managers to keep track of their leads.

    • Tracking Performance:

      The real-time dashboard would be helping the managers to keep track of their performance through many graphs.

    Tailoring search ads according to people’s specific search terms helps in improving your ROI and helps in providing a better user experience. You can get all these services and more with the Sell.Do CRM. So when looking for a way to increase the ROI of your online campaigns, remember them! Marketing Campaigns also pose a problem to businesses as it is a complex process. Businesses have been looking for a platform that makes this process easier. And that is done by the Sell.Do CRM Software. Nowadays, businesses can create their campaigns in minutes using the simple interface of Sell.Do CRM marketing software.


    They can track their movements on a single dashboard to see how many people have viewed their company, how many people clicked through their online banner ad, bounce rate from the landing page, etc. The software even provides various reports to the businesses, which help them with their sales pipeline analysis.

  2. Sales:


    Sales are all about conveying your business message to the right people at the right time. You need to research potential customers, find out who they are and where they are, then contact them when they’re ready to buy. Because of this reason, many of the businesses even fail to complete their campaigns successfully.

    To date, managing this process has been very tedious, requiring many resources and plenty of time. But with Sell.Do, you can collect leads from all sources and never miss a customer inquiry or follow-up with quick prompt notifications. You can instantly contact authorities with innovative cloud telephony and promptly identify hot leads through auto-lead scoring.


    All businesses have one main aim: to ensure that they can generate sales and get good revenue from their sales. A good revenue helps the business ensure that they would survive in the competitive market. The concept of drip marketing is to be used by the pipeline CRM. It is better known as a type of email marketing as it sends a set of pre-written messages to the given set of customers over time. The benefits of drip marketing are as follows-

    • Promote the content which is relevant to the customers.
    • Boost the product engagement.
    • People get aware of the brand.
    • Educating the leads.

    Sell.Do is a sales productivity platform for small to large-scale businesses who want to give their team the upper hand by automating sales and marketing processes and tracking and analyzing their teams’ performance.

    With the help of Sell.Do, you can track your sales team's activities and analyze their performance through insightful data. This Real Estate CRM platform helps you automate your sales process to close more deals, boost productivity, and get real-time insight into your pipeline.

    You can now manage your leads more efficiently without missing out on important information. With the help of auto-lead scoring, you can filter hot leads and get an insight into your sales pipeline management. Not only that, but with the app, you also get reminders for meetings, follow-ups, site visits, and other tasks so that nothing is missed out.

  3. Post-sales:


    Today, there are so many online property listing portals that it has become increasingly difficult to book a property online. Buyers go through a cumbersome booking process with multiple channel partners, no uniformity in the data feed, and varied payment modes. The website has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the existing consumers who search for information via Google. The company is planning to expand its reach to other cities as well.

    It also helps online brokers and agents manage their inventory, increase transparency with real-time inventory details, get the best cost details based on market demand, prevent channel partner credit disputes with live tracking and prevent instances of duplicate or double property bookings with live updates. In the end, a good customer retention rate is received due to the help of the facilities of the CRM Software. Businesses would also be able to track the post-sales conversations with the customers without any issues.


There are many benefits that businesses can enjoy by using the Sell.Do CRM software. If you are interested in the services we provide, please visit our Real Estate CRM software site and check the range of services we provide at reasonable rates.

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