Implementing An Effective CRM Process For The Real Estate Industry

CRM   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

Growth of any business is dependent on a streamlined process. An efficient system in place ensures that activities such as sales, marketing, collaborating with other channels, after-sales support etc. can be done systematically. This is true for the Real Estate sector as well. The organised process helps Real Estate businesses nurture new leads, generate more revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. To aid Developers in this effort, CRM in the Real Estate industry has been a boon.

Real Estate CRM software offers various functionality that helps the Developers and Agents streamlining tasks related to sales, marketing, and collaboration. An exclusive CRM for Real Estate can help Developers throughout the sales journey: from site visits by prospects to the successful closing of the deal.

Whether the client is looking for a premium property or an affordable flat, the best CRM software helps in standardizing the below process as needed:

Special features that help in closing deals faster:

CRM features like Documentation

You can customise & personalise documents such as agreements, allotment letters, and more, so your customer has a consistent brand experience both online and offline.


Features like negotiation & offer management allow you to make instant offers, pre-approved schemes, different payment plans or costs. In case of a negotiation, a salesperson can do away with excel calculations & the mistakes that come with it, and instead, use the built-in cost & payments calculator.

Such features can be availed in an exclusive CRM for Real Estate like Sell.Do.

Key Features of CRM Software which benefit Real estate

An exclusive Real Estate CRM’s features include:

  1. Customer visiting the website

    A customer visits the website and fills in all the required fields of information, sharing details on the type of property required and budget. It is done through a lead-capturing form on the website. A CRM software pulls the data automatically & registers the lead in its database.

  2. Lead segmentation

    Depending on the segment, Sales managers can distribute leads among sales executives in CRM, preventing leads overlapping and leakage. The sales executive understands the rationale behind each segment of customers. Premium customers generally look for unique and niche properties, whereas customers in the affordable segment are price-sensitive.

  3. Intelligent Insights & Follow up

    With their details saved in the CRM, leads on premium and luxury customers are followed up with calls or direct meetings. These customers require a personal touch; hence executives try to give them preferential treatment based on CRM data and timely reminders. For budget customers, emails and calls are used as follow-up methods.

  4. Result

    The CRM software is used to present a final offer to the buyer based on the requirements provided earlier and sales executive work with them to close the deal. Negotiation, Offer management and documentation are handled by CRM making hassle-free sales closure.

  5. Lead management

    The lead management functionality in Real Estate CRM categorizes leads into different categories as per their nature of being cold, warm, satisfied, or dissatisfied clients.

  6. Contact management

    This feature helps record all the conversations that take place between a client and the sales executive. It stores all the customer data, helping to improve sales.

  7. Email management

    Professional newsletters and recent news articles regarding the Real Estate industry are circulated by email to potential clients.

  8. Mobile compatibility

    The CRM software for Real Estate has an amazing mobility feature that gives all team members information access from anywhere.

With the digital transformation in the Real Estate sector, every realtor’s need for CRM can be felt in the market. If you are a realtor looking for an exclusive CRM for Real Estate, contact Sell.Do today. Our CRM software not only promises to streamline and smoothen your end-to-end customer relationship process but will also give you a competitive edge in the digital world.

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