Staying Ahead Of Real-Estate Competition By Leveraging The Right CRM Tool

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Social media, digital marketing and CRM tools have given us an effective and impressive way of communication. In today’s times, getting connected to a far-off person is as quick as clicking a button on the phone. Everything has become digital, whether buying groceries or purchasing a dream home for yourself. Digitalisation has increased convenience not only for homebuyers but for property realtors as well. Whether it’s connecting with customers or generating leads, digital transformation has aided realtors in expanding their business. As per stats, 92% of buyers search online for their dream apartments, and 82% consider online agents a reliable source.


In current times, prospects prefer a virtual tour of the flat before they physically visit a site. Brokers and realtors can use digital tools to showcase a property and highlight its key features to earn homebuyers’ interest.

Real Estate Brands can maintain a strong digital presence by leveraging an exclusive Real Estate CRM to its fullest. The reasons that make CRM so crucial are:

Sell.Do CRM software provides amazing tools to excel and stay ahead of the competitors dwelling in the market by:

  1. Customer segmentation

    To focus on the target customer, developers should start with segmenting customers. Realtors can use a CRM to segment customers as per various attributes like age, geography, budget, and more. They can give different priority or importance to each segment as per their demands and needs. They can then leverage the power of Real Estate CRM software for budgeting and planning for each segment.

  2. Lead management

    CRM in the Real Estate industry can accumulate leads and queries from various online channels through a cloud-enabled database. The updates can be captured in real-time through a dedicated Real Estate CRM.

  3. Effective Communication

    Timely and effective communication is vital to any type of business. Real Estate CRM software provides multiple tools and features for the free flow of communication, like sending bulk SMS, regular email updates, along with calling up local and international clients via cloud telephony.

  4. Document management

    Real Estate is an elaborate and complex market that requires a lot of paperwork and documentation. With CRM documentation management software, it becomes easy to leverage important documents when required.

  5. Lead capture

    Sell.Do is an exclusive Real Estate CRM software that enables easy lead capture and nurturing, helping realtors increase their sales.

  6. Market automation

    With the use of AI, Sell.Do simplifies various marketing processes like lead nurturing, segmentation, marketing attribution, lead capturing from various digital platforms or portals and more. You can plan, execute, track, evaluate, manage, and optimise all your marketing campaigns to achieve better results.

  7. Post-sales

    Sell.Do provides post-sales management by automated processes like booking and customer management, cost calculation, payment reminder, ledger update, and more with zero errors for all customers.

More than 88% of buyers looking for a property will expect a response within an hour from the realtor. Realtors can give a prompt reply to the customers’ queries with Sell.Do’s Real Estate CRM software, which provides a customisable auto-response feature.

If you are a developer or Broker, who wants to explore the power of digitalisation in the Real Estate sector, contact Sell.Do today. Our exclusive CRM software will showcase the potential growth and benefit you can achieve by joining the digital bandwagon.

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